Help Me builds more extremely outdated units (with poll)

Fun fact: Seth and Titania have the same BST.

Anyway, I’m deciding my next merge project, because I still haven’t done that yet. I slapped together a few builds for units I have fodder for and copies for, and I thought I would let you guys help me decide, cause I wanna build all these units at some point anyway.

So here are the units/builds

The fodder is basically an extra Catherine for Rath/Seth, and a Byleth for Titania (I could also give her the lull a/s from Percival for stacking with unbound/debuffing speed). I do not have any good C skills.


  • Titania
  • Seth
  • Rath

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Thanks for the votes.


@Thoribbin Titania detected

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Hey now, that’s just skewing the votes

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I just figured if anyone could give any advice about her it’s them lol

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I know he won’t win but I had to give my vote to Seth :fgo_ereshlove:

Bias aside, I’ve also had a lot of fun using him when I built him

Rath is good too tho. I’m planning on building him if I can actually summon copies lmao


Poor thing Seth & Tita haven’t age well at all.
I would love to give my vote to Seth but gameplay wise it goes to Rath.

Your build on him is nice, I wouldn’t change much


I mean, I’m still gonna build him eventually. I need him for my Jaegan team with him Titania, and the eventual Marcus or Jeralt.


I voted Titania as I’ve just started her as my new merge project. DC is good with her Res but worth thinking about Plegian.
I’m hoping to get a middle mech guy for her B and C skills on this month’s legend banner. She really does need the big stat swings a menace can bring enhanced by the axe to make up for that old BST.

Then hope for a resplendent.


Yeah, just not having any menace fodder I opted for this build instead. Otherwise plegian+menace is a great choice.

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Rath it is. Fortunately with NY!Lethe in the codes, I can get more lull s/d foddder.

The other two will still probably get built, I will just need to horde more feathers.


God I hope we get Marcus, I’m honestly surprised we haven’t gotten him in either 6 or 7 form yet.

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Hey since you decided to build Rath… I think he might be better with Instant Bow from Sedgar.

My reasoning is that with 49 ATK he might not kill many units but with the follow up negation he might survive much better and can activate WoM. He’s not Python or Sedgar, who both have higher DEF, so he needs some trick to not die right away.

Also (and this is personal preference) I would go for a +ATK IV on him and +SPD on the weapon refine.

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