Help me choose Lon'qu's shiny new A skill

Hello guys
I will spam abour Lon’qu now as he is going to be my 4th completed merge project, and I’m tweaking his build :fgo_meltbirb:

I think I started merging him since the last week of March I think, but I though it would take longer, well, look at him now :fgo_meltbirb:
I’m just thinking about what A to give him, so I made a P O L L to do it
He is currently using repel, and it’s really good, the thing is what A would be better for him, I though about a crazy build with DC since I have a lot of that skill but I saw Lon’qu’s defences aren’t exactly great at all :feh_flaynconcern:
Or maybe give him swift sparrow 4 now when I have the food, or kestrel stance, which I have a Ryoma that I Sadly don’t use often when the update comes, or lastly atk/spd solo 4, but too much talk, which A skill would go for a repel user Lon’qu??

  • Good ol’ Distant Counter, nothing beats that
  • Swift Sparrow 4 to player phase too
  • Atk/spd solo 4 so he really becomes the solitary blade
  • Kestrel Stance 4 for more speedtanking

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Honestly not worth making him a DC tank, there are much better options for that.

Instead, I would focus on his strengths, which is very good offenses, and possibility to galeforce well, which is why I voted A/S solo. Keeps him duel phased, so he can still take a hit or two on EP if he needs to (that’s what repel is for after all), and buffs his offenses even further :feh_flaynfish:


I say F it, give him L&D 10


Not an option, but…

Yolo it and run triple LnD

Even if your opponent manages to double (only possibly through forced follow ups with his speed) you only take 120% damage vs 200%, cause pretty sure you’re getting full DR with him.


Kestrel’s way to useful in comparison to the other skills. Of course it’s locked to enemy phase, but you can at least still be next to other allies, you get guard and a nice buff to atk/spd.

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Just did some math, and a unit would need to do about 86 damage or so to one shot you. So that means an attack stat of 75.

L!Lilina could do it, but since most of the Edels are green, I don’t think many other units reach that easily.

Ladies and gentlemans
The Solo wons
I hope he gets crazy with this