Help me decide who to choose for my free JP 4star

Unlike my NA my JP account has divine level luck, i have an SR in every class slot but am wondering who do i choose to get with the 4star ticket. Im gonna list my servants here and just ask people what should i get to patch any holes that my roster doesn’t fill. this isn’t a bragging thing before anyone says anything im just asking for peoples opinions.

Jeanne Summer
tammo caster
Space ishtar
Okita summer
Da vici rider
houkousai summer
atlante alter
jalter summer
caster gilgamesh
medb summer
emiya archer
liz lancer
emiya assassin
Xiang yu
CARmilla summer
Hessian Lobo

Mostly im able to make killer arts teams, well would be able to if i actually farmed out some levels. I honestly think ST rider is my weak spot but theres none that good on the 4star free summon, i debated maybe ST lancer but then i got Vlad III extra rolling skadi. Im honestly stuck on who to choose.

Go here: [JP] 4* Ticket Guide

If you do not really need a new 4* SR, and if you care for your NA account… you could do like i am going to do now (as soon as i dl the new JP update):

Pick a servant you are interested in your NA account and test him/her in your JP account.

This way, if you end up considering him/her not worthy, you won’t roll for him/her in NA.

Saving quartz.

At the cost of wasting a SR free ticket in JP. But you already said that you have divine luck, so maybe you can afford it.

(i’ll get probably cat caster, just to test her to see if worthy to be rolled in NA)

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Thinking of getting astrea because rulers are cool and its so fun to be able to from function teams, something my NA isn’t good at. i think astrea will work well with jeanna arcer and cas gil

I went with Astrea as well. I also like Luvia from the case files anime and rulers are cool like you said.

Good pick



She is too cute not to pick!!!

/This is a joke post. I tell everyone to use their tickets on Ana. Please don’t pick Ana unless you like her!

Assume no waifu and are going for gameplay,
If u have skadi from the current banner, and
If you have MLB KScope, go for lancelot or
If no MLB KScope or have MLB Kscope and high NP space Ishtar, go get lanling and you can 3T NP loop by finding someone else’s high NP space Ishatar or skadi if u have MLB KScope Space Ishatar, or
Just get helena for NP battery or Nitocris