Help me make a fun pvp team please!

Give me suggestions for a fun and competitive team! I’ll have screenshots of my characters below!

So i have a few ideas. You’re missing parts to make any top meta teams, but can still make decent teams.
Core- SS GT Kid Goku (green), SS Blue Vegeta (purple) and Vegito (red)
Bench- Raditz ex (blue), Vegeta (purple) and SS3 Goku (purple)

Super Saiyan:
Core- SS Bardock (blue), SS GT Kid Goku (green) and Super Gogeta (red)
Bench- Raditz ex (blue), Super Vegeta (yellow) and SS Goku (red)

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It really sucks being free to play because you’ll never have EVERYTHING you need for a top team :frowning: but I was able to make a GT trinity team (GT goku, GT Vegeta, and SS Bardock) it’s a REALLY fun team and makes you wonder if blast units can hold up in the current meta. I want to make a team that isn’t Saiyan or Super Saiyan tho, any suggestions there?

Here’s the team I was talking about, I have another version that changes the benched SS3 purple Goku with purple vegeta (boosts blast damage) which build do you think is better?

I think ur current version is better. You have plenty of high blast damage and buffs. Some defense from SS3 Goku is useful.