Help me make a team!

I’ve not been playing pvp recently and wanted to start playing it again so please help me make a team this is my character list.

Okay, so after having a look at what you have, here are my recommendations (please note that some of these can be better improved with certain extreme units Z-Abilities).



A rather standard team that still works decently well.
Transforming Grn Goku Black will be a key character for combo’s. Trunks is an excellent defence unit, especially if the enemy uses rising rush.

Vegeta and Zamasu are more of a fill depending on what works for you. (Zamasu is a good damage dealer with a combo breaking cover change, he also works well as a last standing unit due to his ultimate. Vegeta meanwhile is primarily for supporting your allies, shortening substitute, healing allies on defeat and increasing damage. His card destruction is also nice to use.)

You can also use your Red Goku Black Rose, however he isn’t that reliable, only use him if you know the enemy will use a yel unit.
(Mai is only there for her Z-Ability giving a health boost).

Hybrid Saiyan


(Extreme is taking the place of LF Goten as I do not have him)
Hybrid Saiyans are not that reliable due to not many good supports (their main strong point is only due to Zenkai LF Red Gohan), however the units you have are pretty decent and could be used somewhat well.

The top three in the image would be your primary units as they have decent damage and support abilities. However Pur Trunks is also a good unit to throw in thanks to his high rank allowing for him to do quite a lot in a fight. (The main downside is that both Yel Goten and Pur Trunks have a time limited transformation, so you will need to make good use of them and switch out whenever possible to save how long they last).

I can’t provide too much info on hybrid Saiyans sadly as I don’t play then much in general.



(Note I do not have Transforming Yel Vegito, can use him in place of Red Super Gogeta (he is only good with a Zenkai)).
Your Fusion team is pretty strong and has some overall decent options. Like before, the top three are your main units.

Kefla is good for her gradual increasing damage, healing and blast armor. Also her Ultimate deals some good damage and is great against characters with endurance.

While Zamasu doesn’t boost fusion warriors, he does recieve the boosts, so you can use him pretty well on this team just like with future.

Blue Gogeta is a bit of a mixed opinion, since he is a pretty old unit he isn’t as good as he used to be, however at high rank he is somewhat useable (since an event to get him for free is coming up, you will be able to get him at a higher rank).

One thing I recommend for this team is to get the Vegito from the rising battle event and get him to at least 6 stars. While it may take some time, once he hit 6 stars, he provides an incredible boost to fusion warriors with 35% to strike and blast defence, plus an additional 15% strike attack for Vegito (good for Yel Transforming Vegito). Both boosts increases by 5% at max stars.

You can also replace one of your units for Red Omega Shenron, since he is counted as a fusion warrior, but like Zamasu he doesn’t boost his other allies (except for Zamasu ironically). He is primarily used to give your opponent debuffs and his ultimate damaging all enemies.

Anyway these are just my suggestions for things you could try. Hope it helps

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Thank you for your guidance😄