Help me sign this for my friend, please

My friend Robin’s birthday is tomorrow and I don’t have anything to give him, because we’re all in quarantine right now and we’re social distancing ourselves. He’s had a very rough year so far, because in January, his stepmom died of Colon Cancer and I wish i could help make his birthday really great, even if he’s about 100 miles away from me. I put together this card for him, it uses a pic of Lysithea (his favorite Three Houses character) although I edited the candles to say “23” since he’ll be that age tomorrow. I wish I could get him something else, but… I hope this’ll do.

Original Image:


Please tell me what you would all like to say to him and I’ll write in it. (Please keep it clean, he’s been through a LOT this year)


Ok, what do you think of this?

Dear Amber’s friend, I wish you a happy 23rd birthday — I’m sure that you’ll have a bright future, never lose hope.
@af1899 from the GamePress community

Attach this picture as well, with the source below since it’s not mine:


(Maybe separately, since you’re adding the text messages onto your picture)