Help me with building a good team please

Hey guys. I’m f2p player and I don’t have luck with summoning sparking heroes. Nevertheless, I believe I can build a fine team with what I’ve got. Could you please help me with that? Thanks!

I do not own super vegito/gogeta/sbroly/greenbroly. Sadly.

There’re the rest of them :)

Your best team would be a saiyan variant team. Doesn’t have the absolute best synergy, but until you get some more units it’ll get the job done
SP SSB Vegeta Purple
SP Vegito Red
SP SSJ Kid Goku Green
SP Vegeta Purple
SP SSJ Goku Red
EX Raditz Blue


You could also go with a Lineage of Evil Team
SP Golden Frieza Green
SP Final Form Frieza Yellow
SP Chilled Purple
SP Coora Green
idk if you have any more Lineage of Evil boosters, so you could go EX First Form Frieza Blue a one other bench member (boosts frieza force) but would have to see the rest of your units for better synergy.

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Thats all. Thanks for help :)

Yeah so Lineage of Evil bench I’d go
EX Chilled Yellow
EX First Form Frieza Yellow
SP Coora Green