Help me with my teams

Hi guys, i played Dragon Ball Legends for a while, but i need some help with my units.
I’ll quickly explain: i use a Son Family team mostly, but it is outdated 'cause i don’t have SSJ2 Gohan and Angry Goku, and i struggle hardly with LoE and Frieza Force, which are now the only teams you find in PvP.
I’ll post my units, most of them are 598%: as you can see, i got good units but i miss the pinnacle for every tier team.
I don’t have SSJ2 Gohan for Son Family or Hybrids, i don’t have Full Power Frieza or Angry Goku (completed all the steps and didn’t found them), i don’t have Super Vegito or Gogeta for Fusion Warriors and i miss Android 13 for Androids.
Based on my units, can you tell me which different teams you would build? Thanks!

That’s rough missing out on the top units so often. You do have one team where you have all the units from what I see though which is the future team!
SP SSJ Gohan Yellow
SP Trunks Purple
SP Gohan Green
SP Mai Green
SP SSJ2 Trunks Blue
SP Ultimate Gohan Green

I’ll try that one out man, thanks! I was thinking also on a Regeneration Team since i have Lord Namekian Slug BLU to complete the core and 5 stars Fat Buu for the bench, but i still have to train Buu-han and Slug (Cell is already 598%).
Do you think that could also work or a regeneration team on the actual meta is a tough one?
I could try even Vegeta Family since i have the full core and 5 stars RED SSJ Vegeta, or a BBP team with SSB Goku, Transforming Vegeta and one between Trunks or SSB Vegeta. Do you think these teams could work?

These teams all work but they have their weaknesses even if they do have some strengths.

Those are all teams that work synergy wise but they also have weaknesses and are going on the decline. Lord Slug, and SSJ Vegeta Red have dropped to Tier 2. You have the recommended Vegeta Family Core but there is a lack of great synergy as of yet for that team. The BBP team likewise struggles with either an odd tag out (Trunks) or a Tier 1 character rather than Z (SSB Vegeta)

That being said the Vegeta Fam team is Tier 1 for a reason though, and the BBP team isn’t perfect, but SSB Vegeta being your Purple makes his no switch ability extra valuable.
Regen will probably be tough in the Meta.

Anyways absolutely make those teams anyways because you have the extra slots, and imo it is always more fun to play with a variety of teams rather than one team. Just giving you my opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of those teams.

Thanks man!
I actually got lucky and pulled FP Frieza :grinning:
Now i’ve built a LoE team, i have only one doubt about the bench:

This is the actual team, but i use Metal Coora on bench because i don’t have 5 stars on my Pod Frieza, and Coora can actually be used against strong YEL units.
Which unit do you think it’s best for the bench between Metal Coora, Pod Frieza 3 stars, First Form Frieza EX BLU 5 stars, EX First Form Frieza YEL 3 stars, EX Chilled YEL and SP Final Form Frieza YEL ?

Hey nice job on pulling 100% Frieza that gives you an awesome team. For the bench I personally go for the extra boost, so I’d go with EX Chilled Yellow. If you find yourself getting beat by Saiyan teams though, that is when you would throw SP First Form Frieza Blue on your bench because he is meant to alternate in due to his buffs against Saiyans