Help me with teams? Plees

I’d say you should aim for a god ki team, like I did, but also try to zenkai SSGSS goku. (The blue one) He’s pretty good, and managed to put SSB Vegito out of play. So, I’d say just include him in the core.

For starters Go with:
Future team
goku black (green),
cell revived*6 star (red),
fusion zamasu (purple),
goku black rosé (red),
ex super trunks (purple),
1st form cell (green)

Best God ki team:
SSB goku (blue)
Fusion zamasu (purple)
SSB/kaioken goku (yellow)
Goku black rosé (red)
SSR goku (red) mainly for health z ability
Goku black (green)

But you should zenkai all the z-applicable characters like
sp goku (red), sp vegeta (purple), SSB goku (blue), Broly (green) etc. If you dnt have the crystals them just do the free misions for goku (red)

I need help

This online app won’t let me post all my characters but here