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So, I began the game 17 days ago. I’m not very gpod about all the strategy of this game. I give you my full character’s list, someone can help me to create a great team and to explain me why please ? I think I’m lucky so I want to be stronger !!
I have 32 SP so if you want the full list ('caus I’m a new guy in this site), tell me and I’ll send you that !
(I’m french so I’m doing my best so don’t blame me if I make some mistakes).


Yeah go for it, just screenshot your box with all your SP’s and I’ll try to give you a hand. I’m sure there’s more people willing to it too. But try to always attach directly the screenshot so that people can inmediatly answer.

Basically what you want to do in this game when your building a team is look at the units you have, classify them by their tags and select 3, 'cause yes the teams are made up of 6 units, but you only bring 3 to the combat.
What most people don’t know when entering the game is that Z-Abilities in this game are active, even if the unit is not in combat(when I mean the ones you don’t select to bring on the fight and you leave on the bench).
So team building here is basically, 3 Core units that are the ones fighting, and 3 bench units that are there to give buffs to the Core units.
I hope I was clear and you understood it.

How to make a team

@Raiden Don’t worry I change my account but I’m MrPatapook.
I think I understand the basics thanks !
And for my box (I only can give you 1 picture per reply) :



Here we are ! I don’t send all the “hero” but you have my full Ex/Sp list ! I can’t reply more so I will edit this reply a few times for answer to you.


You have a bit of everything, and you probably could go for a Saiyan team or a pseudo SSJ team, but I think with your units imo the best and most complete team you can go rn is Hybdrid with

Core: Ultimate Gohan - SSJ2 Gohan (Red) - Youth Trunks
Bench: Kid Trunks - Kid Gohan - Hybrid Strike Buffer(rn I don’t remember wich one did)

I think that’s the best team you can make rn imo.

Mainly because you don’t have the top meta units for a complete Saiyan/SSJ team, and with Regeneration being so strong rn I feel like the new Gohan is your best bet.



Nice thanks for the tip I’ll try