Help on deciding where to farm

So Shimosa’s coming along with the new Ascension material: Refined Magatama (Kotan Magatama is still sounds better tho). Now the thing is I need exactly 32 Magatama before Xmas (plus 40 from the upcoming event shops, you could guess who am I aiming for :upside_down_face:). But according to GP then mixed nodes seem better in overall so I checked what I need for future and the most thing I need is Bones with the amount of 400(!) more (surprise, I’m entering Bones hell :fgo_deadinside: ). I know the main quests will give some but I don’t know the exact number so I need you guy’s helps. Let’s just say that excluding events, I’ll farm that node until I have enough mats, then where should I farm, the single one or the mix one?
(Fortunately, my setup is usable for both quests so I have no problem if I have to choose one of two :fgo_megane:)

I think I prefer the dedicated nodes myself. I’m working on gears and bones myself and could do soothing well for both at once…but the much better frequency of drops per quest on barrel tower is so much more rewarding, especially since @jakeyb worked out a reliable 3T setup with 500% Nitocris (devilish bottivah and Edison S3).

If the mixed free quest is better and you’re not crunched for time, by all means, go for that.

But if you’re inpatient (me) and also don’t mind appleing b/c you’re a degenerate whale In the name of speed > efficiency, the solo free quests are much more rewarding.

It also comes down to what you can easily farm.

Solo for immediate priority (eg 20 for beloved target SSR), then split for AP efficiency.

Magatama will be easy to get, only planning on maxing the battery skill initially so that’s 24 magatama, not sure about the 72 iron stakes tho. :expressionless:

Yeah stakes are gonna be the brand, hip, hot new suffering if you want Sheba/Eresh/Fujinon/Okeanos Caster in the short-term (well also Abby but she asks for like… 10, that’s extremely whatever just like e.g. my new Fran needing 24 bones for ascension or Fionn asking for 20 dust for max ascension or so forth).


Stakes don’t show up in hunting quests or lottos for a long while (if ever?). F.

@Mistwalker, @jakeyb the only time stakes will appear in the shop this year is Xmas 3 (it still make senses)(and 4 out of 24 events in 2020 (one with just some in the point reward system)) with 30 of them available. So even if I want to max her battery first, I still need to farm 42 of them, rip (why would she eat so many stakes like that :sob:)

Because bronze mats are :fgo_badciv:

None in Christmas 3 lotto (only 30 in shop)/Counterfeit RR/BINY 1.0/Christmas 4/BINY 2.0 (only 30 in schop). No ne present as incidental drops in Christmas 3, Counterfeit (natch), present in BINY 1.0 R2 Fries/Tickets node, present in Christmas 4 Foundation Bench Press, nor present at all in BINY 2.0.

They are available via HQ 5 - Ghoul Hunt before GDGD 4/come roughly May 2021.

So basically…HQ 5 and free quests.

Well then. Guess We’re gonna have to farm that singularity to smithereens.

Mmmmmmhm. “Enjoy”!