Help plis my orbs, it hurts

Well, in the new summer banner I got this in more and less 85 orbs.

And then in the rerun banner I got this in the first ticket

My questions. I don’t have to many orbs right now, but with the TT+ (and the 60+ orbs I’ve kept in the mailbox ) I could get some summons. I do really want to get B!Lysithea, I don’t care about her build, I want her. And Claude would be really welcomed. Should I stop using orbs to get a second D!Byleth so I can save for CY4? I don’t know how many orbs can I get from quests and those things until the brave banner, so I don’t know what to do.

If I don’t remember wrong, there is always a free 5 star unit in the brave banner, am I right?



Also, you may want to save for CYL, it may have a spark.

You could save for when Duo!Byleth comes back, in 60 orbs your chance of getting Duo!Byleth are slim.


Byleth is bound to return on a Double Special Heroes banner with an even better chance of getting her

Yep, though you’ll get neutral IVs which isn’t always that great imo
So saving for more merges with assets in stats would be more beneficial


Can’t she come back on a Legendary Banner? :feh_flaynfish:


Who knows
There really hasn’t been any seasonals in L/M banners recently iirc


I think the last one was Picnic Lukas


I guess they rerun really old ones then :thinking:


that was months ago tho

I think they’re done with seasonals


They pretty much stopped rerunning Special Heroes on 8% banners because there are so many Legendary and Mythic Heroes now that they clog up almost all the spots, especially in red and blue. IS finally realized they were severely falling behind on seasonals (to the point where red and blue special heroes were like three or more seasonal sets behind their green and colorless counterparts) and started making those Double Special Heroes banners instead to clear up the backlog and make room for more 5 Star exclusives from the standard pool.


I hope they start doing a similar thing with L/M banners

Like they should be separate now so wait times for a specific unit’s rerun doesnt have to be that long

And put one at the beginning and the other at the end of the month


You are right. In that orbs I should be really lucky to get another Byleth so I’ll wait for CY4


Does somebody knows when is going to be the next one? If I don’t remember bad, the last one was a month ago. And which is the percentage of getting a focus unit?

That’s it. For sure some of the brave unit it’s going to have a superboon, so the free unit for merges would be the best. What I’m interested in is if it would have the 40 summons thing


The next one should be in August
DSH happen the same month as legendary banners

Based on passed banners Byleth’s DSH banner should happen around November/December

6% chance
And there are no off focus 5 stars on it

Well since it technically is a new heroes banner i would assume so


really? that sounds a little late


Well Winter and New Years DSH happened in June. That’s 6 months after their initial release

Halloween/Dance DSH happened in April iirc which is also around 6 months from initial release

Naturally the summer banners would also get a DSH banner 6 months later


oh wait no I was thinking about the next dsh, not the summer ones oops


ah my mistake
August then

Yeah so the next DSH one is in August
Byleth comes in December tho
my bad
They still have 6% rate with no off focus units


You should save, not only for CYL, but also cause there is a new heroes, mythic and other special heroes banner happening before CYL and those could also be interesting for you.

You got 3 awesome units all with very good to excellent IVs. I say stop now and start saving.

My orb stash took a hit as well on the Sanaki revival banner,so I’m down 163 orbs :tired_face:.

I’d save the rest if I were you because this Byleth isn’t bad.

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