Help required! Foddering Fallen Mareeta

So I got 2 Fallen Mareeta and would like to fodder one off. I am considering foddering her to my beloved bride, Tharja. However, I do not know if there are compelling reasons to do so. What do you guys think?

  • Flashing Blade 4 to Tharja, with Desperation in B slot and Brazen Atk/Spd in the seal slot
  • Null Follow-Up to Tharja (no Desperation in B slot)
  • Do not fodder… i.e. stick to Fury+Desperation+Flashing Blade seal

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sees tharja



haha sure :slight_smile:

Definitely not Null Follow Up; without Desperation she dies too easily.
I still have mixed feelings about how good Flashing Blade 4 is but she could probably run it.

Man wish I had a Mareeta… Setsuna would absolutely love Flashing Blade 4… but really you’d want to give Tharja FB4

Hmm that’s what I was thinking about too. Thanks for your input!

Gosh I’ve been seeing some +10 Setsunas around and she really surprises me with how much attack and speed she can reach. Hope Mareeta comes to you one way or another! (got mine as pitybreaker)

Yup, she’s a very destructive unit especially considering she’s capable of soloing Abyssal msps

being able to activate Aether every combat with 10 guaranteed damage on-top of desperation attacks is stupidly powerful after all

It would be better to run a brave bow Luna brazen/desperation set, now that brazen Atk/Spd is a seal she can easily run Flashing Blade 4 for additional flat damage and getting into brazen gives her an additional damage and Spd, Aether on Setsuna is not that great because you want to stay in desperation range in order for her to solo Abyssals

Aether every combat? Tell me your secrets

Edit: oops I just realised this is for brave bow setsuna, okay

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[whispers] Special Spiral and FB4

gasps in super premium breath

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See’s Tharja:

Here’s Mine:

Also Stick with the fury build, imao it’s the best set for her.

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yes Yes YES

P.S. your Tharja is goals

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Thanks ,Likewise with your Bridal Tharja she looks awesome, I’m currently working on mine, she’s only 40 +3 as of now. Still have a long way to go.

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k I think there’s an argument to be made for giving her flashing blade 4, especially if you want to free up the seal for a teammate. Then I guess you take a brazen seal and that’s a ton of atk. It seems potentially overkill to me; I might even prefer to use the seal to support teammates at that point. Considering the point on overkill, maybe death blow 4 (or 3) + flashing blade 3 is enough so you just go with that and someone else can get the flashing blade 4 and/or NFU.

I think there’s also an argument for null follow-up, but it’s quite specific. It’s for AR defense (because WoM will activate and all manner of chaos will break loose) or if you’re like me and looking for “can-openers” for galeforce teams, null follow-up looks quite convincing on her.

One-round aether is possible with spiral, but I don’t think it’s good on her unless aether activates on the first hit, which isn’t reliable. A lot of opponents won’t have much HP left to give her after she hits them once. Better would be sol, but that’s probably better on the prf blade tome with the in-combat atk debuff on the opponent.

Generally speaking, I think it’s ideal to be able to fodder both flashing blade 4 and null follow-up, which currently requires sacrificing a Mia. If you don’t like that idea or it’s not even possible for you, one option is to wait and see if flashing blade won’t appear on a GHB/TT unit.

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I don’t have any regrets foddering off such a premium skill too her

Sadly without that desperation I can’t just destroy everything but nothing better than some fun builds, I mean I only have nearly every bow on her anyways (Fishie Bow Special Spiral anyone)

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Whoa in-depth explanations. Thanks for the input as always :) that galeforce can-opener idea does sound enticing

No its for mareeta.
she turns aether into a 4 turn with cooldown -1
she has advanced cooldown with her A skill
Run with Special Spiral, and she will always have aether at 2 cooldown at the start of every combat, or one hit.