Help? SQ purchase error

Hey guys, I’m really not sure what to do here. What happened was that I was going to buy the $6.49 (SQ: 4 paid, 1 free) and I accidentally clicked on the $17.99 (SQ: 12 paid, 6 free) version. I received a message saying I already had that item and the SQ was credited to my account. The problem is that as far as I am aware I didn’t have sufficient funds tied to my account for that purchase. I’m worried that this will get my account banned, so any advice would be appreciated.
Edit: I also don’t appear to have had any funds taken from my account either.

They don’t always process in real time.

If the funds came from a bank account with insufficient funds, you may incur an overdraft fee.

If it was a credit card at max, you might get a fee for exceeding your line.

As far as DW is concerned, I don’t know what they would do if denied payment. You’d have to wait and see if the transaction is honored or not by your institution.