Help to make some good teams

Hi !

GT Team :

Fighters : Goku SSJ4, Vegeta SSJ4, Baby Vegeta 2
Bench : Goku GT ssj (GRN), Raditz EX, Goku GT Ryuken (RED)

Movie team :

Fighters : Bojack Full Power, Gohan ssj transfo ssj2 (YEL), Vegeta base transfo ssj (BLU)
Bench : Goku movie A13 (GRN), Bojack EX (GRN), Trunks kid EX (GRN)

Saiyan team :

Fighters : Goku ssj3 LF, Goku SSJ4, Shallot
Bench : Raditz EX, Goku GT ssj (GRN), Goku EX (BLU)

Vegeta family team :

Fighters : Vegeta ssj4, Vegeta base transfo SSJ (BLU), Trunks tranfo ssj (PUR)
Bench : Trunks kid EX (GRN), Vegeta ssj (RED), Vegeta saiyan (PUR)

Android team :

Fighters : A21, Super A13, Perfect Cell (YEL)
Bench : Super A17, A17 EX (GRN), A19 EX (RED)

Regen :

Fighters : Baby Vegeta 2, Perfect Cell (YEL), Kid Buu
Bench : Buuhan, Fat Buu (GRN), Nail EX

Frieza force :

Fighters : Golden Frieza, Frieza full Power, Reacum EX (BLU)
Bench : Ginyu EX (PUR), Jeice EX (RED), Burter EX (YEL)

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oh thanks, i made some changes, but is so ■■■■■■■ good, that ■■■■■■■ movie team is amazing on pvp,

can you do some teams to my friend?

Yup, just post the screens and i can do it :p