Help to make the best team

Could some1 help me to build a team for me? I don’t know exaclty how the tags works, so I cannot make a good tag team. Help pls. Here is my Characters (Sry for bad img, I can only upload 1 img)

@MrFimose You have a few good options. I’ll list the teams main tags followed by starters as who you should use in fight and then bench who are mainly for boosting your starters but can be used to fight. I’ll go by the teams as if all character were equal in terms of soul boost (LVL 3000)

SSJ Team:
This looks like your best team with your characters
SP SSJ Bardock Blue
SP SSJ Vegito Purple
SP SSJ Gogeta Red
SP SSJ Kid Goku Green
SP SSJ Goku Red
SP Goku Blue

A good team, slightly dangerous because your core would consist of 2 Reds, 2 Purples or Gotenks Green who isn’t that good.
SP SSJ Vegito Purple
SP SSJ Gogeta Red
SP Vegto Red
SP Gotenks Green
SP SSJ Gotenks Purple
SP SSJ Kid Goku Green

Lineage of Evil:
Another good team main weakness is that the bench can’t really be used to fight
SP Final Form Frieza Yellow
SP Chilled Purple
SP Golden Frieza Green
SP Coora Green
EX First Form Frieza Yellow
EX Coora Blue

Overall pretty good. Can start EX Majin Buu Evil Blue over Slug. He’s good even though he’s EX
SP Perfect Cell Yellow
SP Majin Buu (Gohan Absorbed) Green
SP Lord Slug Blue
EX Majin Buu Evil Blue
SP Majin Buu Good Green
SP Piccolo Blue

Those are all the ones I can see. Let me know if you have any questions. You are missing just one or two characters from a God Ki team, but it still wouldn’t be your best. The teams and characters within the team are listed in no particular order, just as I saw them.
Check this out
Gives you the best teams in order I use it as a reference for myself too

EX Evil Buu is also anti Regen for when you come across another Regen team!

Otherwise, solid teams you said there!

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Hi, I’m just returning to the game and was wondering if someone could help me make a team also the current team I’m using is okay but I dont know how to incorporate new units that I’ve acquired thanks in advance.

To me it looks like you are using the best team that you have right now, that being the saiyan team. You certainly have good synergy as I think everyone except SP SSG Goku Red(Your best character) has a saiyan tag z ability. However, the thing holding you back is overall you have some pretty low tier units and the few decent ones you have don’t really fit with any tags. The best advice I could think of to give you is stick with this team until you can get some more characters and then somebody could help you out with making a better team. Maybe I’m missing a decent team in the mix so lets see if somebody else can say something else. Good Luck!

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Any idea who I should use as the core and bench units in my current team?

Your core should be SSG Goku Red, Vegeta Purple, and Kaioken Goku Blue These guys are all middle tier but with the proper synergy you have as well as getting their levels up of course, they should last you until you get some better units

Thank you for the advice :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem!

@Qwerty2424 what do you think about switching Spirit Bomb Goku (blue) for Heartvirus SSJ Goku (yellow)? He has been boosted by the balance changes.

  • Heartvirus SSJ Goku (yellow)
  • SSG Goku (red)
  • Kaioken Goku (blue)


  • Scouter Vegeta (purple)
  • SSJ Goku (red)
  • Bardock (green)

Your thoughts?

@GohanFamzEdB just checked him out, I never thought to use him because of the health decrease with each arts card, but without that he is a pretty good character now that I look at him. Do you think that Shallot should be put on the bench to try to counter his health decrease, or it isn’t worth it?

Totally forgot about that, he should actually pick up EX Raditz!! Better health boost to Saiyans!! Drop Bardock and put EX Raditz in his place

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Haha I always forget about using EX Raditz. But agreed sounds like a better team then what I originally recommended.

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Thanks guys I’ve also recently got the SSJ broly (purple) I’ve heard hes good but dont know who I should sub out for him

Swap out spirit bomb goku or heart virus goku. Whichever you decided to use. New core should be SSG Goku, Kaioken goku and SS Broly.


Can anyone help me to make the best team.

I’d go with a saiyan team
SP Vegeta Blue
SP SSJ Vegeta Red
SP SSJ Broly Purple
SP SSJ Goku Red
SP Vegeta Purple
EX Raditz Blue

Need help creating a team.

Saiyan team
Core: SS Vegito (purple), Vegito (red), SSB Goku (blue)
Bench: Vegeta (purple), GT SS Vegeta (yellow) and Raditz ex (blue)
Alternatively you can swap gt vegeta for SS Goku (red) to buff strike damage.