Help - transfer code help needed

So I lend my account to friend so he can check out FGO, after he’s done he sent me the transfer code but I can’t login using the transfer code even though it’s obviously correct, tried reissuing it but it’s still the same

Are you trying to use bluestacks?

Have you tried reinstalling the game?

no, I’m online with my android phone

umm okay I will do that

Just wanna clear something up first before I offer advice.

You issued a transfer code using your phone.

Then your friend used that transfer code to bring your account over to their phone. Afterwards, they issued a new transfer code.

Then finally, you tried to use the new transfer code to bring your account back to your phone.

Is this right?


yess this is what happened

Ok, I forgot all the details of why that happened, but I’m pretty sure someone else in the forum had that same problem before.

If I remember right, the fix that worked was this.

First, double check with your friend’s phone that your account is still working there. If it is, issue a new transfer code and password but don’t use it yet.

Next, start a new game on your phone. Yes, dont transfer your account yet. Start a new game.

Skip through everything until you return to the Fuyuki map then close the app. When you open it, you should be back at the title screen. Try transferring your account at that point.

This should save you the need to reinstall and having to download the game data again, though you can just uninstall and reinstall if you prefer.


thank you I’ll try this :slight_smile:

tysm… it works!!!

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