Help TT 5th anniversary GSSR advice/recommendation TT

I need help, advice or recommendation for the GSSR. For me, it’s 2015 and 2016 because I need a good Saber, Archer or a Lancer:

Nero Bride, Okita, Scathach, Salter or Nero in 2015 (would be okay with Kintoki or Gilgamesh) whereas Musashi, Ishtar or Archuria in 2016 (would be okay with Illyasviel or Merlin).

This is because my roster is: Lolivinci NP2, Castoria NP2, Merlin NP1, Kama NP2, Summer Musashi NP3 and BB NP5. (I also have Enkidu, Europa and Scheherazade -> going to be benched and maybe burnt in the future for rare prisms if necessary).

The best would be Nero Bride for my team and I would be more than happy to get Nero (new costume) or Salter (Shinjuku), Scathach or Okita for waifu reason and they are really good ST.

2016 has Archuria who can really shine on my arts team, Ishtar (favorite archer/waifu), Merlin NP2 would be nice, Musashi for waifu reason (complete my Musashi and with the new NP buff -> ST).

Hmm… 2015 or 2016? or Nero Bride/Okita/Scathach vs. Ishtar/Musashi/Archuria…??
(Of course, the odds are against me and I could end up with none of the desired servants…)

Please help…

For you, I feel 2015 has the higher likelyhood of giving you something relevant that you want. Albeit, I am biased for 2016. It just has the better servants as far as I am concerned.

Thanks for your advice. If you had the same roster in your account, then would you be rolling for 2016? and for which servant/s?

Well, I am after Musashi, King Hassan, and Ishtar regardless of what is already on my hypothetical account. I will be pulling for them all in 2022, and I am still going to gssr for duplicates of them. Also gunning for Merlin dups and whatnot.

I just feel that you have a really great shot at getting a Saber with 2015 and if you happened to get Gilgamesh, well, you know. One of the best archers right there. Given Scathach is there too, I would approach it from the attitude of hoping for a Saber, but a moderately low chance of landing on an archer or lancer you want.

To be real, if I had your account, I would just hard focus Space Ishtar. You are realistically relatively set though. You have a dream account for abusing Caster Artoria which definitely seems to be the future. Or at least the future I would want to play with.

I am just kind of committed to buster memes because so many of my favorite servants are buster.

2022? (I guess you are referring to NA).

I play mainly in NA and JP is for fun and to test new servants not yet available in NA. I just returned to my JP account today since I wanted to play with Castoria.

Interestingly, all of the servants in my JP except Scheherazade are servants I don’t have yet in NA . Also, I have never rolled on a JP GSSR before. Okita, Nero Bride, Ishtar, Scathach, Merlin, Kintoki, and Illyasviel are servants I don’t have in my NA account as well. (I am going to summon them next year and in 2022; perhaps Ishtar in this year’s Thanksgiving banner; Okita and Kintoki not sure if I would roll in NA as they are not my top priority in NA).
However, I do have Gilgamesh, Musashi, Salter and Nero in NA. (I want Salter and Nero in JP just to play with new costumes that I need to wait until 2022 for NA). Lastly, Musashi is for future possible boss killing, and Gilgamesh I don’t use much in NA because I use Archuria, Jeanne Archer and Fujino.
Also, I guess all of the servants I have mentioned above except Gilgamesh, Nero, Salter, and Scathach appear frequently in banners but the rest are not sure since they had their banners recently or few years ago.

I am really loving JP right now with my Castoria arts roster as Summer Musashi, Kama and Castoria are must-have waifus in my NA account, and are my top priority list.

I guess, I would like to play with new servants (Nero Bride, Ishtar, Scathach, Merlin and Illyasviel; servants that I am going to summon in NA in the future). I am saving my sqs in JP for Space Ishtar’s banner. 2020 banner has only Space Ishtar I want and the rest are unwanted.

I guess it all comes down to… rolling and hoping for Nero Bride/Scathach vs. Musashi/Ishtar…

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Sadly, with gssr, it is just a shot in the dark. I would not expect to get something you really want. If it happens, it happens. You might even get something better… as in a double ssr. But again, I would not count on it. It is all just a matter of probability to the point where you could likely just flip a coin if their merit is similar enough.

I just go where the highest number of servants I like are and that makes the decision making process really easy. I have fun and overthink them just to explore the options, but at the end of the day, it is just too large of a pool to reliably target anything.

Even the next class based gssr for NA has only 4 Lancers on it, I believe. That is the best chance out of any of them to get a specific servant at 25%. That is still rather bad to plan around.

Sometimes it is best not even to think about it, you know? Just feel the atmosphere when you are about to roll. Vibe with that summon button before confirming it. It is all rng anyways, if you just assume you will get the one target you wanted the least, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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You are totally right ^^ Also, there is the summer event coming up. I am looking forward for the second banner as the first announced banner has only Illyasviel that interests me but I will save my sqs for Space Ishtar or any future new servants. I am guessing MHXA or Lalter on the second banner as 5 star servant…as it has to be a saber face.

Result: Ended up choosing 2015 and I got Scathach ^^ (wanted Nero Bride/Okita/Scathach). I am satisfied, of course I would’ve been happier if I got a Saber along with Scathach (Nero Bride/Okita/Nero/Salter).