Help unlocking two IS2 relics

Hi all,
I’ve managed to unlock almost every relic in IS 2, except for two particularly difficult ones.

Guard Cap - Complete an adventure with at least 200 Operators deployed in battle
Eventide Terror - Complete an adventure with at least 30 Life Points lost

For the “Guard Cap” I’ve only been successful in getting Fast-Redploy operators Projekt Red and Jaye, occasionally with April. Plus Silverash for his talent. I know there’s a Vanguard relic that reduces their redeploy time and the Brokenblade relic, but does anyone have any other relic or operator recommendations? And do summons count?

For “Eventide Terror” I could have sworn I pulled it off in a recent run without any temp LP (unless my math was really bad). Do temp LP apply to this, and is it bugged? Any particular recommendations for this one?


You don’t need that much, I unlocked it with only Jaye.

Gravel would be the best to do it with I guess because she has cheap dp cost. Just keep deploying and retreating as soon as you can constantly in every battle. It’s really annoying but not hard.


Guard Cap is easy, it doesn’t have to be done specifically with fast redeploy and stuff, if you happen to find an opportunity for a stall game, any ops will do, you just have to wait more :ak_okaydokay:

For Eventide Terror,
Are you sure it’s a completed game? Not a game over?


If you tried the life point one and it didn’t work. then I assume it’s lose 30 life points in one stage, like letting the boss leak and still winning.

I remember I did that in IS1, so unlocking a similar relic was probably why I bothered to do that

For this one i had the idea, use the first option in squad, the one that gives you 4 safe life points, and beyond that play as safe as you can while buying any life point you fine

For this one tho… honestly if only counts operators the best thing you can do is basically specialist runs or a bagpipe with a bunch of reduced redeployment time artifacts

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Thanks for the reminder about stalling. In a stroke of sheer luck I pulled E1 Saria at the last minute and had her stall the last heavy on the first ending boss map for near 7 minutes. Relic buffed Exusai and Passenger cleared the rest of the map, while Texas generated almost enough DP to keep Jaye and Projekt Red on constant rotation with a few others.

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I wound up leaking 30+ enemies on the final boss map thanks to the following on the 5th floor:

  • Expanded map thanks to “Bewildered”
  • Safe house +3 LP
  • The card that grants you an extra LP on the next encounter, not once, but twice, +2 LP
  • The Gargoyle relic in the shop, +6 LP
  • The encounter that lets you trade 4 hope for 10 LP

Gotta love that RNG eh?

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