Help, want to finish solomon so I can play Shimousa event

So I’m stuck in Goetia 1.5 mil hp fight and I can only participate in the new event after clearing this singularity. To make things even worse I dont really have a team that can either nuke the hell out of Goetia neither good supports to help a friend servant. That said I saw a maxed Heracles soloing this boss, if anybody with such servant could send me a friend request just to clear this boss I would be really glad.

My ID is 438 437 043 Master name: Leunam44

You don’t need to rush Solomon… Shimosa isn’t an event. It’s a permanent story chapter.

Oh, I didn’t notice it. Sory for the trouble then. I’ll just keep trying XD

No need rushing just farm BP for your dps since next event that require clear Solomon is Setsubun (hell tower climbing) in January. You still have 3 months to prepare.

Profile has my friend code, I have a Bond 10, skills 10/10/10, NP3 Herc if you want. Just send me a request after 2 minutes.

I got a lvl 90 Asterios you could use. Some people soloed the boss you are stuck at with Asterios.

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