Help with a good pvp team


Can you guys help me with a good pvp team?




I recommend that you use in my opinion the most broken team in the game. the “regeneration”.
perfect cell
picolo green
picolo yellow (although with perfect cell will not do you any good)
you have the most broken main characters so you should go well


So zamas cell (yell?) slug as main and the other as bench? And for the 6th spot what do you suggest?


Could you teach me your ex characters?

If you have a pure badness bu, it could be the key because it is broken, despite being an ex unit.


Sure, unfortunately i don’t have bu! But i have these ex characters!


picolo yellow is the best option of those extreme for your team.
remember that picolo(green) is practically the best green of the game with goku GT used when the other team finds gogetas and bardocks.