Help with a PvP team

Hello, hello! I’m kinda new to the game. I did lots of summons since the day I joined and got some good SP units. If there’s no prob, can anyone help me to build a team for PvP? I’ll be so grateful if you help me :)

Tell me if you need to see my other EX and hero units.

I just got him now. :slight_smile:


Son Family
LF SSJ Goten (PUR), SSJ Goku new (YEL), SSJ Teen Gohan (BLU), LF SSJ2 Gohan (RED), Ultimate Gohan (GRN), Kid Gohan or SSJ Goten (GRN) as buff for team

Saiyan / Super Saiyan
SSJ Bardock (BLU), Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb) Goku (PUR), SSJ Vegeta (Beerus Saga) (PUR), SSJ God Vegeta (YEL), Legendary SSJ Broly (GRN), SSJ3 Goku (RED)

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Thanks, @Nabiru-sama. :smiley:

For Son Family team, is it okay to use random equipments (check the picture) till I get the recommended ones? I’m currently focusing on farming cc for anniversary, so I don’t have time to farm the required equipments (I also have another game to play)

SSJ2 Gohan:
SSJ Goten LF :
SSJ Goku:
SSJ Gohan Teen:
Ultimate Gohan:
Kid Gohan:
Check their best equipment for ideas. If you’re still having trouble, ask

I already checked them. That’s why I asked if it’s okay to go with what I have till I get the recommended equipments

Realistically, you’re current setup looks fine

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Sweet. Now I can continue farming cc
Thanks again! :)