Help with aether raids

Guys anyone can tell how i can counter this team?

The team composition is a brave lucina for the weapon, flayn for the damage reduction and a brave ike or brave edelgard.

Today 2 teams with (one with ike and other with edelgard) attack my defense and that thing’s are unkillable

This is my ARD no is the best but I’m learning, this map have working always good but the team composition of lucina, flayn and (X champ) is becoming very annoying

Anyone have recommendations/ideas for counter that composition?

This are the enemy team

Deadeye Chrom, ranged nukers in place of Corrin and Edelgard come to mind immediately.

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Brave Ike used to be a nightmare, but not anymore, there are far worse threats unfortunately. Some ways to counter him:

  • Strong red units with Hardy Bearing seal. B!Ike’s damage reduction works at its fullest when the enemy hits him consecutively (something his weapon forces the enemy to do). Hardy Bearing prevents any skill from changing the combat order. That, combined with color advantage = Dead Ike. So give someone like Lilina, Eliwood or Lysithea Hardy Bearing and they will completely counter B!Ike. Hardy Bearing is also really good against Vantage enemies.
    Note that you don’t have to use the skill on a red unit. Give Hardy Bearing to Bramimond (with a two cooldown special) and he will eat B!Ike for breakfast.
  • AoE skills like Blazing Light work really well against Ike, if they target his low Res. If you have an Ophelia, she’s perfect for this. Give her Hardy Bearing as well, and you’re good to go.
  • Deadeye also works fine against B!Ike since the skill negates damage reduction, but it’s a skill only found in one unit so far. If you have access to the skill and can pre-charge it, go ahead.

B!Edelgard can sometimes be harder than Ike to kill, but she has weaknesses.

  • Having a “effective against armored” weapon in your defense, preferably red or green, should help.
  • Armored units cannot have access to “Null C-Disrupt”, so skills like Windsweep, Firesweep (bow, sword, etc.) will make sure Edelgard cannot attack back. Pair that up with Poison Strike to annoy her even more. In addition, skills that prevent the enemy’s follow up can also help (for example: Sturdy Impact, Budding Bow)

My Dark season team was made to destroy B!Ike (and other things), here’s an example:

Go to 22:33 in the video.


Thanks for taking the time and write all that text with the suggestions ^^

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