Help with Awakening theme team for summoner duels

I wanted to make an Awakening team for summoner duels, so here’s my thoughts on some of the units I’d like to use. I’m looking for tips on how to build these units for summoner duels.


The obvious leader of the group. His build is already set in stone, with sturdy impact, deadeye and time’s pulse. There could be flexibility for an AoE build, but I’m yet to decide that.


I’m not sure wether to use male or female Robin. I do already have a +10 M!Robin, but also being blue means there’s less weapon triangle flexibility. I’m not entirely sure how I should build Robin, but maybe a speed build could be alright.


The hardest one to build, as I’ve never built a healer before. I do have access to odd recovery, but using it on Lissa would feel odd (plus the drive guard staff would be nice to inherit). Tips on building Lissa is likely the most needed.


I know, Walhart is completely superior to Frederick. But I like Frederick anyway. I was thinking of some kind of speed build, or I could go for as much attack as possible to better one-shot armoured units.

Last unit

I’m a little uncertain on who should be the last unit, but a red unit would help balance out my team comp. Lon’qu or masked Marth could be good sword units, while M!Morgan could provide debuff support.

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For Lissa there’s a few methods you could go. Kumade + Chill Def Seal from NY! Laevateinn manual to keep debuffs on at least one unit, or the recent HS! Sakura manual’s Grandscratcher + Atk Opening Seal (and maybe Infantry Pulse) to buff your allies up with ease. Can also maybe run Return/Rescue + Time’s Pulse + Dual Balm to really kickstart your offenses. Staves with the right builds make for solid supports.


Those are some solid ideas for Lissa. If I use grandscratcher, L!Chrom could fully charge deadeye on turn 1 (with his time’s pulse and that secret technique captain skill).

I also like that debuff build, although a unit like Riev could do it a lot better.

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Also with all honesty, if you’re not gonna use the Tactical Bolt/Gale tomes (which seeing as you’re considering more than 2 Infantry, might be the case), Male Robin tends to be the big contender for a few reasons

  1. There’s a wide variety of tomes available, especially as a F2P, that Male Robin can use. Spider Plush, Pact Blooms, Flora Guide, Drifting Grace… just a few examples of inheritable tomes Male Robin gets (though Female Robin can use Plegian Torch, but I’d only recommend that if you go debuff support). He’s much more flexible with build potential in that manner.
  2. Male Robin costs way less to reach max potential. As a 3-4 Star Pool unit it’s very easy to get one with your preferred stats with little investment. Female Robin, however, costs Grails and Trait Fruits to reach similar levels of performance.
  3. Male Robin has a Resplendent, which is a free +5 merges stat-wise, and honestly, considering we have yet to see a precedent for it, Grail units like Female Robin will most likely never see one.

Pretty much, if there’s no bias for one or the other for you rn, go with Male Robin.

Frederick is just a solid bruiser. All in on Death Blow and a Near Trace for good measure. Just beware that if you play the Book 3 and Prior rules you’ll likely run into Near Save Ardens which will pose you a problem if you’re not careful, but other than that Frederick makes for a solid armorslayer.

And honestly Masked Marth can be strong with the proper build (especially if you’ve been merging him up from Launch, he’s a decent godsword with not too much investment as a result). You could also probably go for Aversa as she’s due for a refine soon, and can provide Guidance support on top of Panic/Debuffs. We also have Yen’fay who’s been a F2P darling for some players, Tiki who can run some potent inheritable weapon skills as needed, Halloween Nowi who can really increase your mobility, and Henry who, with the right tools, refuses to die.

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Yeah I do have M!Robin merged, so it would be simpler to use him instead. Plus I have flora guide which would be nice for him.
I mainly contemplated using F!Robin due to getting a more well rounded team (for the weapon triangle), but the grail cost would be hefty.