Help with building my Nailah

New to the game and I got her off the first banner I ever pulled on. Her current build is copied off of the recommended section of her page here. She seems a bit weak to me. Any suggestions and could someone please explain to me the use of her c skill? The texts in this game are a bit confusing sometimes.

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You could take a Brazen, Blow or Defence Seal onto her and that’s pretty much it though I believe.

Her C skill basically restricts movement to 1 for the foe she fought and other foes within one space.


huh i never realized how low her attack was




Even though she has low attack, if she manages to transform into a beast, she gets a guaranteed 10 damage when activating specials. She also gets more attack and speed when near allies because of her weapon so I’d use noontime or sol because she already does a decent amount of damage and needs something to sustain herself.