Help with Bull of heaven quest

Hello all, I usually don’t have a problem clearing challenge quests but the Bull of Heaven one is especially hard. Even with mash/jeanne and a dps lancer on my team, Ishtar just crits through all the defense and bursts my servants down. By the time I get to the second part, my team is half health, and Gugalanna is insanely strong. Also most of my friends have summer supports set, so I can’t use someone like King Hassan. Any team comp recommendations?

You can try one-shotting Ishtar and therefore avoiding her annoying crits by using your Raikou Lancer with the Arjuna CE + support Waver or Kaleidoscope + support Merlin. A brave chain may be able to take her down.

If you want it 287,433,739 IGN Old Saru

I can kill her before my team dies, it’s just by the time I reach gugalanna they’re around half hp

Yeah, I had that issue too the first time around, so for the second time, I just NP + brave chained her on turn 1 to avoid the hassle. Then everyone starts at full health for the bull.

Your ign is bigpeepee?

Mash, Jeanne and Kintoki in FL. You can replace Kintoki with one of lancer if they were full level. BL - Jack, support assassin(preferable Hassan), and 3rd backup assassin…

If you have the chocolate CE with Arjuna in it, use that and some type of Np gain CE on Jeanne. Just make sure to have Jeanne Np ready for Ishtar np. Two assassin Np should be about enough to kill Ishtar (which is about five turns).
Your lineup could be something like this: Jack/Shiki, mash, Jeanne, friend king hassan.
If you can get the bull to it’s last break bar, a full team revive should be enough to finish it off