Help with Camelot

Hi to everybody, Im a bit new to the game, and I have a few problems with the camelot singularity.
Until now, I usually brute-force my way to this level, but right now I feel quite overwhelmed with this, and the servants I tend to use doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, can someone give me some advice to how to proceed?
Altria Pendragon (alter) lvl 85 np1
Fergus mac Roich lvl 33 np2
Elisabeth Báthory (Brave) lvl 1 np1
Siegfried lvl 1 np1
Gilles de Rais lvl1 np2
Gaius Julius Caesar lvl1 np4

Euryale lvl 60 np5
Tawara Touta lvl30 np2
David lvl 7 np4
Billy the kid lvl1 np4
Robin Hood lvl1 np5
Arash lvl1 np5

Altria Pendragon (Alter) lvl 83 np1
Enkidu lvl60 np1
Cú chulainn lvl11 np5
Karna lvl1 np1
Jeanne d’Arc Alter SantLily lvl1 np1
Elisabeth Báthory lvl1 np1
Hektor lvl1 np3
Romulus lvl1 np4
Cú chulainn (prototype) lvl1 np5
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne lvl1 np5
Leonidas lvl1 np5
Musashibou Benkei lvl1 np3

Martha lvl 60 np1
Boudica lvl40 np5
Alexander lvl1 np3
Ushiwakamaru lvl 1 np1
Medusa lvl1 np2
Edward Teach lvl1 np3
Georgios lvl1 np5

Nitocris lvl60 np2
Paracelsus von Hohenheim lvl12 np3
Cú chulainn lvl1 np1
Geronimo lvl1 np4
Mephistopheles lvl1 np4
Charles Babbage lvl1 np2
Medea lvl1 np2
William Shakespeare lvl1 np4
Hans Christian Andersen lvl1 np5
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lvl1 np5
Gilles de Rais lvl1 np1

First Hassan lvl 70 np1
Hassan f the Serenity lvl60 np4
Mata Hari lvl36 np5
Fumma"Evil wind" Kotaru lvl 24 np4
Jing Ke lvl1 np5
Henry Jekyll lvl1 np5
Hassan of the Hundred Personas lvl1 np5
Phantom of the pera lvl1 np5
Charles-Henri Sanson lvl1 np5
Hassan of the cursed Arm lvl 1 np5
Sasaki Kojirou lvl1 np5

Florence Nightingale lvl 70 np1
Tamamo Cat lvl 70 np1
Kiyohime lvl1 np4
Darius lvl1 np3
Lu Bu lvl1 np3
Eric Bloodaxe lvl1 np5
Caligula lvl1 np5
Asterios lvl1 np5
Spartacus lvl1 np5

Special Class
Mash lv50 np1
Avenger of Shinjuku lvl1 np1
Mecha Eli-chan lvl1 np3

First things first, with which part of Camelot do you need help? A specific boss battle? Or overal difficulty of regular levels?

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an overall difficulty, the affinity of y servants seems to play against me.
My mains servants are the old man, saber alter, nightingale, tamamo cat, lancer alter, mash and nitocris.

Short of just saying “level everyone!”, my input would be to read up on the specific battles that are difficult and choose Servants from Friend Support that will help you with that gimmick. And don’t be afraid to use Command Spells if necessary; that’s what they’re for.

That being said, Euryale is a popular pick for Camelot due to the large number of gimmicky male boss fights.


Welp, I’m not particularly great at building teams with good synergy :confused:.
For now I’d suggest maybe to pause Camelot progression and spend some time to farm embers and level up more characters to have some working class variety.
I heard Euryale is especially good in this story chapter. From other servants, I’d suggest to level David for team-wide evasion, Mash, possibly Enkidu, Arash, Spartacus (these 2 for easier ember farming) and…Maybe give some attention to your avenger and mecha Eli just to have them as options.

Then there’s always an option to use some strong friend support to help carry you through tough levels. It should work in most normal levels, but in boss fights you’d like to have a stronger roster.
Finally, but you probably know it already. Don’t be ashamed to use command seals to revive a party if you almost cleared a level. That’s what this resource is for after all.


Boss : mostly saber class with niche
Mordred - Full NP charge each turn. Borrow Chloe/Squitoria for quick work. Bring David/Tristan for protection
Lancelot : don’t get confused. Borrow Jeanne Alter for easy win. He actually a ruler
Tristan : Don’t get confused with his class. He actually a lancer with berserker damage modifier. Borrow Musashi or Eliza brave
Gawain :actually saber. charge 2 NP tick every turn. Orion and Euryale can easily kill him in few NP. Just bring David/Tristan for protection against his NP.

3 hassan : borrow Da Vinci/Kiana for easy work. Bring taunter like leonadis/Mash/George since their NP had instant death
Ozymandias : Shiki/Old Man Hassan/Cu Alter/Any Alter Ego can do him easily just borrow then

Lanver Artoria : Borrow Mordred or Any saber that a bit tanky to kill her since her NP actually can pierce invicible and evade. Defense stack from Mash NP and skill works wonder here

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Thanks everybody. I’ll star leveling up everyone, gotta give some love equally.

You can solo all of Camelot with a friend support.

Gilgamesh or Euryale can handle the Gawain fights.

Jack or Melt can handle the Rider fights. King Hassan too.

I used QSH to solo a difficult Caster/Rider fight, but Sherlock can probably handle it. Kiara probably can too.

Scheherazade—especially a leveled one—can handle those Assassin fights. Da Vinci can too. Sanzang can handle the ST fights. I used Anastasia on JP for the majority of these, but Schez is perfectly okay at it.

Gil can handle Mordred’s NP spam.

Musashi/Bride/Okita for Tristan/Lartoria. (Yagyu probably too.)


I would advise you level Euryale for the Gawain fights and find a friend with a fully raised Euryale. Running a double Euryale trivializes the Gawain fights.

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You need to give David some love, his team evade can get you out in a pinch with plugsuit. Level up most of mash skill so she can tank and protect the team.

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Gawain was such a pain! One of the first times all 3 command spells got burned!

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I know, the second fight took me the 3 command spells and 1 SQ

Just want to point out, it’s not necessary to rush everyone rn, I would say your priority lies in Mash, Hans, Euryale and David, those four can work miracles under the right situation. Also, I recommend to use the boss guide here on gp, sometimes knowing wich mystic code to use can make things significantly easier.


I was going to say the same. Those budget servant need to be lvl up first for being easier to lvl up and being extremely useful during camelot and obvioulsy after too. They are must have espeically Mash and Hans for being great support with Mash being the best of the best since she cost 0AP.


I also suggest to take the time to savour the increased difficulty.
As someone who did it, if you really want to rush trought the story (there is a half so event right now I think?) You can actually solo any battle in camelot (also in the next singularity).
To solo you only need a Leonidas and a St George, both with mlb battle of camnlan.
Then chose the proper servant from your friend list and try till you learn how to.
The real thing about camelot is just the difference between that and previous singularity. You kind of need to learn how important are buff in this game to pass that.
Take your time.


Yeah, I can see that now I have to pay special attention to the buffs and the affinities to do it

I second this. I used David and Euryale to get pass Gawain and his onslaught of NP firings. I usually love Gawain but I never hated him so much at that moment lol :joy:

Make sure to have David’s second skill unlocked - he gives evade for all servants on the field.
Also, the default Chaldea mystic code gives you one evade.

Also, the Volumen Hydrargyrum CE gives you invincibility for 3 attacks. It’s a 5 Star CE though, so IDK if you have that, but maybe someone in your friend’s list.


Other than that, good luck :pray:


Would like to add that I think Robin Hood is a worthwhile investment too cos of his ST NP which is good for burst damage. He makes for a decent secondary boss killer in Camelot.

But for general gameplay, in addition to what others have mentioned, I think Arash is a definite must level for farming as well as Spartacus. Medea is good for debuff cleansing and budget assassin boss killer in future singularities. Ushiwakamaru would be good for future caster bosses.

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