Help with Challenge team Break Part 1: How do I take down TTar

Hi so simple as, not sure what Im doing wrong or if Im missing something but this chapter is doing my head in.

I have tried everything I can and Im still lost. Basically Ive been using Solgaleo as the main unit, easily takes care of the other two, but even with the other two members being fighting types (I’ve tried Korinna, Brawly and Maylene), a support, my strongest units etc I can’t even get that things health down to 50%.

The closest I get is if I use grimsley on the team to snatch the buffs of t-tar to last longer but then hes kinda just dead wait.

Any advice?

I use Xatu with torchic and roxanne. Double buff xatu and start spamming store power. However, since you have solgaleo, you should be able to win this easily. My guess your team is under leveled. My suggestion is have two supports for solgaleo: Phoebe and Xmas Rosa. Anyway, if you can get solgaleo to atleast level 100 and have two supports to buff him up, you can easily beat team break.

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I recommend you unlock all of Solgaleo’s moves and passive as well as get it to at least lvl 100, then pick supports that help him regain move bars. This way you can use Solgaleo’s buff twice and spam Focus blast to defeat Tyranitar.

The F2P strategy to do this is Rosa + Skyla + You&Solgaleo, but if you have other supports such as Phoebe or Rosanta then this fight becomes a breeze. I hope you can do it, good luck

i destroyed the entire level with Lance

Thank you focus blast is what Im missing time to grind some items, I have all those and My skyla is maxed out too so hopefully should be a easy peasy

This is the team that I used to clear Challenge Team Break Part 2. The team is exactly what @Cooroxd ecommended.

Player + Solgaleo lvl 100
Rosa + Delibird lvl 95
Phoebe + Dusclops (note it’s weak to Tyranitar) lvl 114

Essentially queue All the Presents + Dire Hit All+ + Bright as the Sun!, then queue them again, then leave on auto mode and Solgaleo will KO everything. Ttar gets 3HKOed or 4HKOed by Focus Blast on its weaker special defence stat (has very high defence which is why Korrina etc don’t work well), and the side mons get OHKOed by Sync move and Sunsteel Strike which bypass Endure.

It always worked on manual, and has managed to beat Part 2 on auto but not consistently (might be consistent at higher levels). Part 1 can be consistently cleared on auto. The order of aggro was Dusclops > Solgaleo > Delibird. If Delibird was a higher level or if Solgaleo had less tickets (had 12/20) , then Delibird may have drawn aggro before Solgaleo, which would have made the auto clear easier.

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For part one any of the most powerful single player teams right now should do it (clops-chomp-oshawott is what I used) and for the second (or the first if you don’t have access to one of those teams) you’ll want Solgaleo and supports who increase his critical chance and speed or who regenerate gauge.

Basically just bring Rosa & Cheren (Cheren is weak to some of the enemy moves, so make sure Rosa can do most of the tanking) to use their gauge refreshing abilities, which let Solgaleo spam Focus Blast. A 140 power move with basically 100% accuracy (with the buffs given by the buff skill) is very powerful. :feh_birbpeek:
Once you take down the main Pokemon, Sunsteel Strike can finish off the side Pokemon.
These maps are basically geared specifically for Solgaleo, so using other units as damage dealers probably won’t net as good results.

Also, if you REALLY don’t want to use too much resources on Solgaleo, reminder that Siebold and Clawitzer with Aura Sphere is still a good source of Fighting special damage. It’s quite likely, however, that most 5* strikers with special moves (like Brendan or even Lance) will out-damage Clawitzer.

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I think that a lot of people forget that you can’t get focus blast unless you get super custom training machines which are only available from past events or the missions past this one, so focus blast isn’t possible or even getting it’s level past 70. So any other strategy that doesn’t involve using Solgaleo will probably work.

This event gives you the Custom Super Training Machines for Solgaleo.

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Hi Everyone, I can’t get pass PART 1 which takes me many different methods.
I have

  • Lvl 90 Lucario
  • Lvl85 Serperior
  • Lvl 85 Dusclops
  • Lvl75 Empoleon
  • Lvl70 Houmdoom
  • Lvl70 Solgaleo (cant pass 70 without custom trainingmachine)

Other five stars:

  • Treecko
  • Tepig
  • Reuniclus
  • Pidgeot

Any professional pokemon master here could help out? Thanks haha! :rofl:


I don’t understand this. Why does everyone say they can’t get Solgaleo past L70?

I don’t get it either. Lmao
Can someone explain?

Maybe they’re too lazy to play co-op?

This is what I got for the day’s first VH Solgaleo Co-Op battle.

Am I the only one getting attacked early by Tyranitar’s sync move in part 2? He always has one move left before sync move but still attacks early.

No, I have not experienced that. Can you video-record what’s going on?

Yeah how do I show it to you?

Video-record if possible?

Yeah I don’t see anywhere to attach it on here