Help with creating teams

Got baby vegeta today

You can build a Saiyan team with :

Core : BLU Goku Saiyan Saga - RED Bardock - YEL Bardock DBS
Bench/Alternative Core : Shallot - SSJ4 Goku - GRN Raditz


Core : BLU Goku Saiyan Saga/ Shallot - SSJ4 Goku - SSJ4 Vegeta
Bench : EX Raditz - RED Bardock - GRN Raditz

Movie team :

Core : YEL Gohan - PUR Bojack - BLU Vegeta
Bench : EX Coola - EX Sauzer - GRN Goku

Female team :

Core : BLU A21 - PUR A21 - RED A18
Bench : GRN Mai - EX GRN A17 - EX PUR A18

Regeneration team :

Core : PUR A21 - RED Kid Buu - YEL Cell
Bench/Alternative core : BLU A21 - PUR Janemba - GRN Buuhan

Fusion/Saiyan team :

Core : BLU Goku Saiyan Saga - YEL Vegito - GRN Gogeta
Bench : EX Raditz - RED Bardock - GRN Raditz

Divine Saiyan team :

Core : BLU Goku blue - PUR Vegeta blue - RED SSJ Rosé Goku black
Bench : EX Raditz - GRN Raditz - RED Bardock

Thank you so much! These teams are looking a lot better than what I previously used.

No problem c:

Help me creating teams

Saiyan team :

CORE : BLU Goku Saiyan Saga, RED Bardock , Shallot / LF Vegito
CORE/Bench : GRN Raditz, GRN Goku GT SSJ

Saiyan fusion team :

CORE : BLU Goku Saiyan saga, LF Vegito, GRN Gogeta
Bench : EX Raditz , GRN Raditz, RED Bardock

Fusion team :

CORE : LF Vegito, BLU Gogeta, GRN Gogeta
Bench : RED Gogeta, PUR Gotenks, EX Raditz

LoE team :

CORE : PUR Coola, YEL FP Frieza, RED Frieza / BLU Coola
Bench : RED Metal Coola, PUR Chilled

Movie team :

CORE : BLU Vegeta transfo, YEL Gohan transfo, PUR Coola
CORE/Bench : GRN Goku, EX Bojack, YEL Bojack

Future team :

CORE : RED Rosé Goku Black, YEL Future Gohan, GRN Future Gohan / PUR Goku Black
Bench : EX Future Gohan, EX PUR Trunks

Goku Family :

CORE : BLU Goku Saiyan saga, YEL Gohan, GRN Future Gohan
CORE/Bench : RED Goku GT, GRN Goku, GRN Ultimate Gohan

Thanks bro fr these teams look way better than the ones i had