Help with final boss

So I beat Solomon and finished the first Goetia “fight” and I’ve found myself getting curb stomped by the 2nd fight the last few attempts. I would say I’m a little underlevelled but I didn’t think that was a problem up until this point. Tbh I don’t feel like grinding the next 2 weeks or so just to ascend, level my guys and enhance their skills to beat Goetia legitimately so I was hoping I could get some help here.

If anyone has like a maxed out or close to maxed unit that can solo Goetia like Jalter or Herc or something I’d greatly appreciate if I can borrow them for the fight. I’ve tried to solo him with Cu Alter but no luck so far.

Thanks in advance.

The second Goetia fight is the one where he NPs at the first turn and uses ignore invincible?
I can offer you a bond10 lvl 100 10/10/10 BUT NP1 JALter as a follow support (because no space in the friend list currently).
If you have meant to provide her with 50% NP charge, she also has a lvl100 Holy Night Supper CE. Or I can slap a Kaleidoscope on her, and you’ll need to give her a 20% charge.

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Yeah, I think that would work, I think it would be enough with CS. Either CE would be fine as he’s immune to NPs for the first 3 turns I’ve found so she’ll get her NP by then anyway lol.

You may use JAlter right away, in this case you need her to NP on the first turn so she could land a buff block on him, and he couldn’t use ignore invisible, so your, say, David could use his evade skill on your party, and they would survive. So. HNS or K-Scope?)
And my friend code, right: 531873837


Alright, thanks. I guess Kscope would be better since I don’t have a 50% NP charge. Thanks for the buff block tip too, didn’t know she could do that.

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Right, let me finish my grind round in about 3 mins, and I’ll swap the CE.

Oh that’s okay. I just used all my AP farming too, take your time lol. Just wanted to prepare. Thanks again for the help.

No problem. I hope the buff block strategy works!

Yeah I’ll look into that strat some more. If it doesn’t I’ll just swap her out with order change at first and beat his ass with whoever’s left lol

If you somehow have a Mephistopheles’ third skill unlocked, he can buff block with it. But usually he’s among the last ones to be raised by any Master :'D

Edit: okay, swapped CE to K-scope.

I had to look up who that was lol. I don’t think I even have him. I’ll make it work tho, for Mashu T^T

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He’ll spook you one time, he wiiiil :fgo_deadinside:

I actually always forget that JAlter can buff block, and every time it’s such a surprise :'D

Update: I beat Goetia and finished part 1, ended up soloing both last fights. Thanks so much for the Jalter assist, she’s really an incredible unit!


Congrats! And glad to be of help ^^
Yeah, she’s an absolute beast, and with her crit power on such a short cooldown she Hulk Smashes everything to pieces :heart: I’m sad she’s getting less use with break bars and multiple bosses in a single quest being introduced now, but I still love my girl :fgo_ereshlove:

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