Help with Fortress D/R

I have a spare Kliff and I desperately want to inherit his fort def/res. Here are some heroes I plan to inherit to:

-L! Tiki (and F! Tiki)
-H! Myrrh
-Oliver (really)
-F! Grima
-Any other 3-4* unit

I’d only give that skill to units that have a Dc weapon. Such as L/F!Y!Tiki, M!Grima and possibly Fjorm. Or units that can bait foes into attacking them leading to other units killing them. H!Hyrrh, Hardin, Oliver (if built correctly) and BK are great choices.

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So Hardin… he fits in both catagory’s you just implied ;)

Use it on Azama

Pretty much lol.

I mean BK fits in it too… but Fort D/R doesn’t really help his Res all that much with that base 18 res

You could go for a mixed tank Burger King :oph:

I have a +10 BK on my friends list with 32 visible res before buffs. It’s possible to make his res stat workable… with massive investment.


That’s the problem tho he needs a lot if investment to even reach 30 res, both Hardin and Fjorm don’t

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