Help with GBL please

I really enjoy doing battles in GBL, but ever since we looped back into Great League, I’ve been tanking really badly so I thought I would turn to the experts here as you always have great, interesting and informed advice.

My team has been a mix of Talonflame, Stunkfish, Venusaur/Serperior, Jellicent and Politoed. I have a fair amount of stardust and candy for most of them.

I only recently got my first Deoxys and Registeel; I don’t have any Wiscash, Tropius or Empoleon.

I don’t use shadows. (And nothing against anyone who uses them, I have used them too, but I am just so sick of Azumarill…I just think it’s a bit basic - but I will use it again if I need to!)

Thank you - I’m sure some of you are sick of talking about battles - but I would be super appreciative of any advice anyone can offer.

Edited to add: obviously this round of Great League finishes today - so thanks everyone, nothing to see here :grimacing:

Hm, jellicent, Venusaur, stunfisk (normal?) seems solid. Ice and grass could be problems of course, so might be good to try IB/SB on jelli…

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just so sick of Azumarill

Is it me or this thing has never helped me or made any positive outcomes in my favor to begin with?

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@stativision thanks! I have both Stunks but use galarian usually. I’ll give this team a try.

@Mr-ex777 Its earned me a heck load of stardust which I’ve immediately poured right back in for PVP, some mons I probably wouldn’t have got otherwise (mainly a bunch of Regigigas, mewtwo, deoxys, annoyingly the tornadus boys) and a lot of very late and frustrating nights.

So it’s overall been more positive than negative. @Mr-ex777 - haven’t you reached Ace or higher in PvP?

I just recently reached ace and kept tanking both in Masters Classic and GL Remix.

Can’t even win a single positive track.

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What are you facing currently? There’s always one problem ‘mon in rotation. For me in UL it’s Charizard, cause my Grass keeps getting stuck in front of it. You might have to kind of build around the idea of wrecking this particular Pokémon until you don’t see it as often.

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@orioncrystalice Hmmm I think it’s usually Scrafty…actually, it’s the other Stunkfisk, the sparky one that I find super hard to beat with all of those teams I mentioned. It usually mud bombs my SF and I can’t get to earthquake in time, and it can do major damage to a jelly or azu as well.
Who have you run into that has caused you trouble?

@Mr-ex777 Wow congratulations on reaching ace! I found myself doing pretty well in Masters and naturally as soon as that happened - they changed it back to GL. What team are you using? And who is hurting you every game?

Just don’t play for a while so that the algorithm stop picking walls of counters to hinder the progress. Currently, I’m doing the same, since the moment I decided to put swampert and hypno back in my team, nearly every has a shiftry, despite the previous 90+ gbl matches not having a single encounter with that pokemon. Totally a coincidence, nothing fishy at all :clown_face:


@CatEyePorygon It’s funny you mention that, I was just doing some reading today on RNG and theories on how it afffects gameplay. It does seem like most of my opponents have convenient hard counters to my team; but I also don’t believe the game is wired to work against me either. How much of a breeak do you take when you feel the algorithm isn’t working for you?

I did take notes of my opponents throughout the season and I did as well in the previous seasons. Granted I am only playing for the elite TM and take a break whenever I feel like the game doesn’t let me progress, but the matches I have been getting do indicate things that exclude a coincidence … Overall I did level up fast, since I began playing later intentionally and this worked rather till rank 14 or so. Since then there was a noticable change in getting hard counters for my current team and said counters becoming way rares in case I chose to switch my team, but then other mons that previously I barely or never encountered suddenly appear everywhere.

Shiftry appeared in a oponent’s team in 24 matches so far and in 22 of those I had a team that was very weak to it(Hypno, swampert, umbreon). I dropped swampert out and have now had 30 battles without a single one, despite it appearing in nearly every battle before. 22 out of 24 is very strange for a coincidence.
Similarly, I had the experience with using alolan ninetales, where the encounter rate of tentacruel skyrocketet the moment I began using it. I have yet to get a single match with it this season where I would have something very weak to it in my team. So it went from a 0 in 80 battles to now 12 encounters and all happened as a lead vs my ninetales. Bastiadon was also way more common now that I have it, having it as an oponent in 27 matches vs my alolan ninetales team, from the 32 encounters in total.
Same thing with Obstagoon and Scrafty, with both having a +85% rate vs my Umbreon/hypno combination and both nearly vanishing once I replaced one of them with a charmer.

I mean… there’s a pattern here…
Also the lags and bugs are quite strong this season. Then again, I did get over 30 free raid passes due to complaining to support whenever my mon just decides to take a break in attacking which flips the battle.


I’m taking a small break until ultra premier cup comes back but I reached Expert rank in the Great “
League Remix cup using Rainy Forme Castform, Blastoise, and Shadow Hypno. As long as the opponent didn’t have grass I was usually pretty well off.

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Everything. And I meant literally EVERYTHING.

After switching my lead to venusaur I started seeing nothing but altaria leads (four in a row) while yesterday, leading with G-Fisk I saw none, nothing but fighters, grasses, waters, and a nidoqueen

Edit: my last battle set was supposed to be 5/5, but it decided to lag and let my venusaur get killed by azu in one and (power up punch/ice punch) medicham get killed by a ferrothorn, this was also my second 3/5 or better battle set since Ultra Unlock part1 started

Edit: next battle set four out of five opponents had talonflame, three had it for a lead, one tentacruel, and (surprisingly) a charm-tales

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I haven’t posted here for a while. Hope everyone’s doing well.

Last year, I argued with a few people here that algorithm doesn’t exist, but those who struggle in climbing elo seem to still believe that there is. So what if there really is an algorithm on matchmaking?. Have you even try to align your fast move, count opponent’s fast moves, predict opponent’s backline, and try to find win conditions throughout the match?

I’ve been hitting legend on all 3 accounts since season 6, including this season. I have accounts with 60% or 70%+ in high ranks (screenshot can be provided if anyone doubts). I also tried tanking my elo down to 1600s, and ended it at 3500s last season. Did i get hard counter games and hard lags? Of course I did… but are there still win conditions in those games? yes.

I’m not here to argue about algorithm. I’m just here to say that there are so many things you can do other than believing the system is operating against you. Winning or losing lead really doesn’t mean anything. Try to learn the mechanics. Master one solid team, and keep finding win conditions within one match.

I can explain a bit more if needed. There are also many videos and articles about how to improve your skills in PvP.

Good luck!

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Help me, I need coaching.

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For starters, this game is all about finding win conditions. Everytime you lose a match, think of things that you could have done to win.

For example,
Say your team is venusaur/g-Fisk/bastiodon
Opponent leads with skarmory. It’s likely that they have swampert or even double water in the back. This is a hard counter against your team, but it doesn’t mean their win rate is 100%. Your first obvious win condition is switching to g-Fisk and get switch advantage back. If you land an Eq on their swampert, you could win switch advantage by burning your own shield. Then you win easily with bastidon vs skarmory and venu against their water.
Say opponent blocked your EQ, you would let go of the gfisk (save both shields), and come back with venusaur to farm down the swampert. Now your next possible win con is if their third isn’t a hard counter to bastiodon. Politoed or azu are both still winnable. Best play here is to store a frenzy, then swap to bastiodon. Say their third is an azu, now your win con is to block their hydro. You would use both shields and burn their second shield, switch timer should be ready, and you would switch-throw your frenzy into their azu. lastly, if opponent’s skarmory is brave bird not flash cannon, your bastiodon with half hp will win, and you would successfully flip a hard countered match.

and for those who believe in algorithm, they would’ve rage quit at swampert vs g-Fisk.

I also want to explain a bit about charge move timing/alignment. Say you have g-Fisk and opponent has azu. Your fast move is 2-turn and theirs is 3-turn. You would always start by throwing your charge move on your first, fourth, or 7th mud shot. This way, not only that they cannot sac swap, you also deny their possibility to sneak in fast moves. Same for g-Fisk vs talonflame(5-turn). You would throw at 2nd, 4th, or 7th fast move. If you throw at the fifth move, you’re risking giving opponent a whole free incinerate.

If you need help on finding win con on some of the matches, feel free to post video and tag me. There are matches that aren’t winnable. If you’re unlucky, there might be 5 unwinnable matches in a row. But opponents, especially anyone below expert at this point of season, all make mistakes. You just gotta keep finding your win con throughout the match.

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Where do you find the time to hit ace+ on so many accounts??

My main account has 1550 battles this season. If those concentrated battles were split among friends and family’s accounts then those could be a lot of aces. I just happened to get my son’s to 2150 and another one to 2100. Summertime, watch kid(s), it is hot and they don’t want to go outside that much. Mine probably not a unique scenario.

I’m currently working from home 8-5, and play about 20-30 battles a day (any accounts combined). I often play while watching tv too. It generally take me about 700 battles to reach legend, and accounts that start later in the season would reach legend quicker (easier opponent in lower tanks).

These are my last accounts. I’m waiting on GL’s return to finish my account #4

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That is super impressive. I do all my battle sets every day - and I sometimes wish I had another account to do some test battles on - there’s only so many times I can battle a team leader you know?