Help with GBL please

Anyways, after giving the go battle lag a break I finally got enough favorable matches to progress and with that sayonara to this season, since I got everything that has some value


@CatEyePorygon Congratulations! I never have much trouble reaching level 20 it’s getting beyond that level that’s the stickler for me. The ETMs are great and I do like the magic dust prizes that come with the levels too.

@Banana74x If you have any tips or advice to help me get to ace I would love to hear from a veteran player. I’ve never made a video of my battles, nor watched battles by experts (maybe this is my problem - but I find it kind of boring. Although I watched some random battle and discovered how second moves worked which was a pretty rad discovery). I also don’t have children or a second device for any other accounts.

It’s not really that much trouble, it’s just very time consuming ans it gets quite frustrating when glitches, lag and bad matchup after bad matchup prevent one from progress.

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Unfortunately, that case from what I experienced usually has G Fisk or even Machamp on the back on a 98% rate.

Bastiodon vs Machamp/Scrafty/Obstagoon is usually what I see.

Master one team that works. Not a team that someone used in 1800 rating and happens to win 5 in a row, but a team that people have used to reach legend. Don’t change the team after a bad day. If you can’t win, find out what you could have done to win.

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