Help with KAKAROT! 50

These are my units, and i don’t know What to Do, it’s Difficult. Any advice?!


He is tough and without the boost characters it will take a bit of luck. Your best option is clearly a purple color counter team. Based off what you have my suggestion for a team would be: SSJ Broly, as hes just one of the strongest units in the game period. SSJ2 Caulifla as she has really high strike damage and an anti saiyan buff. And for the last core slot either Saiyaman or Teen Gohan (blue). Saiyaman isnt great but his main ability adds a special ability and lots of ki for combo extension which can benefit ur other units with a quick switch out. Gohan has color disadvantage but still has the 200% damage buff from being a boosted character so his damage may still be solid. For bench you’ll want Shallot as the extra health is always good and then any other purple or saiyan synergies that work best for you. Either strike defense or strike damage if you have it.