Help with Kiria Build...Again

So I made a topic about a build for Kiria before, but I’m unsurprisingly having second thoughts. I thought of two new builds and need help deciding which is best:

Build 1

This is actually the build I had decided upon when I made my last topic. It’s pretty much self-sufficient (which is why I’m leaning toward this one so heavily), but buffs are never a bad thing.

Build 2

It would need two Infantry Pulses to really shine, but I could also use Time’s Pulse and Quickened Pulse if I’m really desperate to make her self-sufficient. It’s also a player phase build so I’m not sure how much she’ll take advantage of her bulk. This is what I usually see Lilina run, but I thought Kiria could probably run it better.

Build 3

It would also need two Infantry Pulses to really shine, but I could again use Time’s Pulse and Quickened Pulse if I’m really desperate to make her self-sufficient. Also, if I’m not mistaken, this is kinda what Duo!Alfonse runs; I’m not sure but looking at his Prf weapon, he might run this a little better.

  • Build 1
  • Build 2
  • Build 3

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I think the second build is off spot. Kiria is never going to double someone, so sturdy impact has no meaning (she’ll never use the +10def).
Would build the 1st.

Good luck getting those extra copies…

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It could be there to stop Kiria from being doubled because she’s slow.


Can’t answer this without knowing how you plan to use the unit.


Pretty much what @Idunno said. The build is made with the intention of OHKO’ing but is designed so that she’ll take only one hit if she fails to so, and the +10 Def will help her tank that one hit even better.

Thanks, but I already have all the copies. I’m just trying to decide which build to go with now.


Thanks for the input!


I suppose I was going mostly for PvE content, but I’ve also been thinking a lot about AR Defense. Do you think each of the builds would work best in a particular game mode? Because if I can find out which build would work in which mode, that might help out a lot.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, this is yours?


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Yeah, that’s mine (she has Hardy Bearing now though and a Rally, but overall the same). Sturdy Impact will be her best option for ARD, but you won’t find much use for it in PvE content and will prefer Close Counter (and probably Quick Riposte since she’s so slow). Sturdy Impact can be nice for one shot PP builds though; I run Flora like this sometimes. The CC build you have is good, but if she fails to one shot during enemy phase and gets doubled, she’s in danger.


So, Sturdy Impact as in Build 2 or do you mean Sturdy Impact in a different build?

Build 1 or 3?

I’m hoping she’ll be able OHKO reliably with 80 effective Atk and Glimmer, but I understand she might might fail sometimes. If she struggles enough, I might put Quick Riposte in her S slot as you suggested.

I’m not a fan of Spiral on AR-D and I’d keep her Lull there.

Build 1. In build 3, CC + SpSp is best combined with a special like Sol for some sustain.


All right, thanks! So I’ll probably give her Build 1 for PvE content and Build 2 with Lull Atk/Res instead of Special Spiral for AR-D.

One more quick question though: If I use the Lull instead of Spiral, should I still Infantry Pulse her?

If you can. I personally stepped away from IP teams since they have many more weaknesses than they had a year ago. Just make sure you can win without fully relying on IP, and you’ll be fine.


Why not all 3?


That is so much fodder though.

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I considered it; but I wanted to make sure they were all viable; and by the looks of it, Build 3 wasn’t that popular.

This is also true.

How things stand, I’m probably gonna end up giving her Close Counter, Time’s Pulse, and Sturdy Impact. So, that leaves Special Spiral as the only expensive skill I’m not planning on giving her in the near future. I might just end up giving it to her as well if I ever need a sustain build though; I mean, it’s only one more skill.

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Did you scrap both of them already?

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I only had one

It still exists, but isn’t being used for either season

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wasn’t there one with lysithea and blue boye

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That’s not IP though, Lysithea and Ophelia just have instant specials because they’re just that good

I intentionally designed that team to not care about Pulse Tie and to a lesser extent Pulse Smoke

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