Help with making an arts team

I would like some help making an arts team since i’ve heard that BB and Kuro together make quite a good one i’d like some help on which servants to use together with them to make a good team. Pictures of the servants i own:
nvm i can only put one picture

Do you have Chloe von Einsbern?

Lan Ling, Mozart and Andersen are great supports for arts dps picks like Chloe, BB and MHXX. Very lucky of you to have Lan Ling really, because he’s super super good, be sure to invest in him if you’re doing arts stuff.

Personally I’m always a proponent of using a single good DPS option, of which you have three very solid Arts picks, and supporting them with solid support duo. So a team with Chloe/BB/MHXX, a support Tamamo/Merlin and probably Lan Ling or Andersen, swapping DPS to account for enemy classes, though that’s a little less needed with 2/3 of those DPSes being extra classes.

BB herself can be a viable secondary support for Chloe or MHXX, but she’s better in a DPS role due to her mostly selfish kit imo.


yes i do i have her at level 90

I sadly don’t have MHXX anyone else that could replace her? nvm i was stupid

Put Chloe, Ryouma from the upcoming GudaGuda 3 Rerun and then a Friend Waver Or Tamamo then as back up go with Arjuna, MHXX and Hans

This is MHXX

Mysterious Heroine XX

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oh i forgot sorry xD

All good m8 but she’s really good as a Berserker Check, as a Foreigner Class Servant she does possess a powerful asset in Being Resistant to Berserker Class Foes

I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned Paracelsus yet. While his main support is an NP Gain buff for looping, it’s still something any Arts Servant will appreciate even if the account is still too young for 3T Arts looping.

The Arts buff, even if relatively small compared to some others, combined with the NP gain buff will let an Arts-centric Servant charge their NP faster.


so either Chloe,MHXX or BB as dps then Lan ling as support and Merlin/andersen as well?

No Merlin is Buster teams

Waver or Tamamo no Mae from a friend with Ryouma as a Support and replacements in the back 3 Slots

Chloe is one of the best Arts Crit Servant available even to Whale players

yeah, basically that sort of idea. you’re focusing your buffs on a single primary damage dealer so that they can put out better damage.

don’t forget about tamamo (via supports) and paracelsus (he’s free from friend points) as well, with their upgrades they’re some of the best. I forgot Paracelsus initially since his long cooldowns and low damage buffs make him a little less powerful than lan ling and andersen who can easily get going and sustain a team, but he’s definitely worth using once you can get him sorted out.

also, in june when lostbelt 4 releases, the second banner for that has the excellent Asclepius available, he’s a 3 star so getting a copy shouldn’t be too hard, and it skips having to unlock him via beating lb4 and then having to roll the story banner.

one thing you definitely should remember is that skill levels matter a lot, so be sure to invest in the servants you’re using.

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Um… Lanling and anderson for double support and BB/Chloe/MHXX as DPS? Switch Lanling out with friend Merlin or Jeanne if the team can’t last through the fight or is fighting Archers.

Mozart is more of a pop his skills and die servant, so if I were you, I won’t include him into a 2 support 1 DPS team.

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Merlin is still a viable choice for Arts teams. Hero Creation comes with a 3k Max HP buff, which acts like a heal, which is useful even if the Buster buff won’t be that useful.

He can provide crit stars, healing, charge per turn, and Invincibility. Having 3 Arts cards makes it even easier to form Arts chains for rapid NP charging.


merlin is for every team. his buffs can easily benefit arts teams, since spamming NPs is the color’s entire goal. it’s generally the slowest color and his sustain support can be invaluable.

imo people get too focused on a single part of one of his skills and think he’s only good for making red cards go brrr.


so the setup would then be one of the three dps’es i have. Merlin as support and then a friend tamamo? and Andersen as backup support in case one of the others die

Yeah, that works.

Tamamo for healing, Arts and NP damage buffing, NP draining to stall the enemy NP, and her NP provides NP charge and CD reduction so skills can be used more often, especially Merlin’s Illusion to tank NPs.

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that would be if you had your own merlin, sure. the tamamo+merlin support core is really good for almost everything except the fastest fights.

for what you’ve got now based on the screenshot earlier, using andersen or lan ling for your own native support and a tamamo or merlin friend support depending on if you need hard defense or cooldown reductions more.

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I do have my own Merlin i was just only allowed to post one picture on my first post since i’m new to this site