Help with my -ATA Gerik

Hello everyone.
Today after spending some money on the new banner I got my first Gerik (I collect ALL characters from FE Sacred Stones and try to spend all my resources on them).

He is -ATA + RES (the worst combination he could get, I think) and Im trying to build him teh best I can because I love to use SS characters. I thought on the Slaying Hammer+ (he would become an Armor destroyer). What do you think of this build? I tried to keep his speed and attack hightest possible.

But Im not sure if refinne his weapon for DEFENSE or for SPEED. Against armor heroes I guess its better the +Def refinne because they are slow, but in overall I think +Spd would be better. Your opinions?

I have other resources: Ata/Def Bond, Ata/Spd Bond, Fury, etc
Thanks you and sorry for my bad english :S


I’d kill for a +res gerik :confused:
I almost want to say using fury/desperation would be more beneficial,but then you would have to change your seal.

What do you think about galeforce?
Also are you able to pull for another gerik to fix your bane ?

I don’t think Vantage is really doing you any favors. If anything, it’s probably better to just go all out on attack (possibly speed) with dual Brazens. You could also go with Swift Sparrow or Death Blow if you don’t want the set up (The latter of the two good if you want him solely as an Armor killer).

I’d probably just go with something like this.

Speed or defense refine can help, speed arguably the better with this build.


You know I have a +atk -hp one and I’ve been thinking on how to use him or to fodder him, but now that I see this build I can use with a purpose other than fodder, what other builds can you recommend?

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Depends on what you want him to do.

Slaying Axe is a very popular weapon, but you can also go with Wo Gun.

If you want offense, then Swift Sparrow is a fairly cheap option. If you want something more expensive, then Atk/Spd Solo (or Spd/Def Solo?) are also good choices.

Desperation, Null Follow-up, and Guard are good B skills, and which one you choose depends on the team of course.

Atk Smoke, Def Smoke, or even Infantry Pulse are good C skills.

Seals can be… Well, that’s flexible.

You can go with the same build as above (although maybe a speed refined Slaying Axe) or maybe something like this?

Special could be something like Moonbow? :thinking:

jummm seems a good build, I dont know if I should invest to much into him, was thinking maybe change his weapon to slaying axe or brave axe? and add desperation keep moonbow and leave the orig a skill with infantry pulse and add hp/speed seal? with repo, may change inf pulse with def or atk smoked but I don’t have it avail atm. So many possibilities! but which one can be more effective?

I wouldn’t really recommend a Brave Axe build unless you were max merging him since his speed takes a pretty big nosedive compared to using a speed refined weapon.

I wouldn’t say it’s “optimal” but it may be fun to test out. This is with a +6 speed buff.

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Thank you everyone for your help.
Fortunately I got a +Ata Gerik today and merged the two copies (I keep the +Ata one, obviously).
Now he has 60 attack and 41 speed and 30 defense, so I think he will be a very usefull anti-armored hero.

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