Help with my B!Hector

I have two B! Hectors:
-A +Def -HP one
-A +Atk -Res one
Which one should I use? Should I merge them? Should I wait to get a good unit to inherit Bold Fighter? (btw I’ve inherited BF to a W! Cecilia and a BK).

I need help.


He Have Enough Def And Res Is Superbane So Merge Him

Eh, Defense is also good since he has the superboon. Though its subjective. Defense is better if you want him to tank better, obviously. Though attack is also good. His Def is good, though nowadays, units are getting more and more attack, so maybe farther down the line, his defense might not be enough to be a physical supertank

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I would go a +Def merge.

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Go for +def -hp, even if you merges him, the def superboon make him a monster on the physical side, when the atk don’t impact much (I’ve find).
With atk boon, you’ll have another high atk lance user, but Effie is better than him at this and she is more easily merged, but if you choose the def boon, you’ll have the bulk of a merged gwendolyn but with 37atk instead of her pathetic 29. Plus : you can never have enough defensives stats!
If you don’t need BF on others unit, Bector is a really good unit to merges.

Merge into +atk,
Inherit Wary Fighter 2 (not 3),
Slap QR3 seal on him.

Boom, omni-breaker Hector.

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