Help with my disgusting AR/D

I know I deserve hell for this but since I have the units I want to give it a try.

It kinda holds up together but there is an issue that I don’t know how to fix:

  1. If the Dark Shrine is broken, Loki will restore Yune from her left side, leaving her without the protection of Cecilia and Hector. WHY DOES SHE RALLY FROM THE LEFT?

The slot order is:

Gunnthra and Yune are there for debuffing and Sothis is just decoration.

PS: Any further advice is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Restore users always restore where there is a lower threat range. According to AI guide Section IV: Pre Combat Assists:

F. For each target for each assister with non-movement assist, determine the optimal tile from which to assist the target using these tiebreaks:

  1. Defense tile: Y > N
  2. Enemy threat: lowest #
  3. Requires teleportation: Y > N
  4. Special terrain: Flier Terrain > Forest > Trench >= Regular (Trench > Regular only if cavalry)
  5. Movement required: lowest #
  6. Tile priority value: highest #

Oh I seeeee…

So Loki is trying to escape the heat of the battle like the coward she is… THANK YOU!

If you remotely care about AR, I highly recommend you to spark Nott. Having a Sothis petting zoo doesn’t help.


I’m mildly competitive about AR to be honest, mostly because of the rewards.

Sothis is only there because she’s +5 and helps with the RES stat, otherwise she would equal a structure. I’m on my way to spark Nott, almost there!