Help with my GL team

Hi all, i’m going to ask for some pvp advice as the last round of this 1st season is coming and i would like to try and assault rank 8. In the earlier GL i was close to get there, but obviously UL and specially ML have sent me down… (lvl 30 atm).

My GL team was: Primeape (L) - Skarmory - Umbreon

I was using that team and more succesfully than expected cause they were the only one pokemons that i had… (besides a Vaporeon) and so now the things have changed a little. I have recruited some interesting new friends, and i wonder if any of them can get a spot in the lineup.

Toxicroak - I’m thinking in replacing Primeape since Tox can help with Azumarill and the IV is much better (my Primeape is a glass cannon).
Haunter - There he is, with 2 charged attacks, but i don’t know how or if using him.
Zweilous - I’m reading about it and looks so cool, but… i’m wondering if it can do a better work than Umbreon, Umby was doing really good…

There are other options such as Alolan Raichu that i could build, but mine doesn’t have good IV… same happens with Lapras. But if they could make a big difference i would consider it.

Thanks in advance.

I can not speak for Toxicroak and Zweilous since I do not have them, but in the last great league, my team was Umbreon, Haunter, and Azumarill, so I can give some advice about Haunter.

The ghost can hit pretty fast and hard, but also die in an instant. It gives its best when your opponent’s shields are down, and it has the priority on the rival pokémon: once you are able to land a Shadow Ball and take the opponent’s beast down, you have a good chance of landing a second one before your opponent’s next beast charges anything.

To make Haunter reach such flow though, pressuring the opponent into using shields and saving at least one of yours to defend the ghost is a must, so you need to build a supporting cast able of absorbing charges moves. Umbreon is good in that sense (and it casts Foul Play pretty fast), and Skarmory seems not bad either (even if it takes a while for it to cast Sky Attack).

Since you have already Haunter with its 2nd charge move unlocked, I’d suggest you try it with this party, and see if its playstyle suits you.

Be aware that, when I embedded it in my team, it took a while for me to understand how to use it, so expect some big crashes at the beginning, if you decide to give it a go.

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Toxicroak is the overall better pick and has good synergy with your other team members (it covers Skarmory’s vulnerability to other Steel-types and Umbreon’s weakness to Azumarill).

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I’m better at UL & ML, but I can hold my own in GL. I use Haunter and its best as a lead. The point of Haunter is to spam charge moves and make your opponent use shields. My Haunter has 2 charge moves, Shadow Punch and Sludge Bomb. Sludge Bomb is great to OHKO an unsuspecting opponent who uses Azumaril & doesn’t shield. I’ve also used Toxicroak & Zweilous. My issue with them is each has a double weakness. Toxicroak to Psychic and Zweilous to Fairy.

For your team, I’d replace Primeape with Toxicroak. Keep Umbreon because since its only typing is Dark, it has fewer weaknesses than Zweilous and no double weakness.

Def go Croak over primeape. The coverage isn’t even close, croak has game against a ton of the meta.
I tried Haunter as a lead and it works pretty well shredding shields UNTILL you run into something that charges fast. My vote would be to keep in the back until shields are gone as a few pointed out. You gotta get the hang of using it that way but it’s worth.

Thats bold. That means you’re going for the no-shield play (Haunter uses them himself too) or even bolder, for the bait play which could give you a huge advantage, or make it seem like you only have 2 pokemons…

As you’re only lvl 30, I don’t recommend using Zweilous for GL as the resources spent on it are probably better used elsewhere. Or for like 3, 4 other GL pokemons.

I agree with @hkn to use Toxicroak. It’s fragile, but nowhere as fragile like Haunter, and puts a huge dent in a LOT of (meta) pokemons. Good luck!

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Thanks all for your opinions. Atm i seem to be at such a lower rank that tactics do not matter (i’ve lost a few battles just due to that horrible lag) and i’m facing so unusual pokemon, some of them i even didn’t know that existed, also the rivals play poorly, calling in a fighter vs Skarmory or similar things. I think i’ll come back when i get close to 1800-1900 and all of this you have written will be really helpful.

Thanks a lot! Keep up the debate!

@Yuarl today I stumbled on this article, which I deem good food for thought:

Pair and Pivot: Teambuilding 101

Quoting the author:

But so is Haunter, for an entirely different reason. It’s because if you switch in a haunter, it’ll get some fast moves off and build up energy, so if they counter switch they potentially put themselves in the very dangerous position of ‘haunter with a charge move ready’. With two shields in play, and an energy lead, Haunter’s extremely dangerous, and could quite easily take two shields whilst only losing one, for example.

I’ve added recently a new Pokemon to the list, and it has changed all my playstyle. Now i’m very happy with my performance, but i’m aware that my team is absolutely unbalanced, so i’ll ask for help again.

Atm i’m running Probopass (L) - Umbreon - Toxicroak

It’s proving to be more effective than expected (but i wanted to test Probo and i played it even thinking it wasn’t going to succeed, wrongh thought btw). But i fear i’ll need to replace something. I wish i had a Whiscash to replace Toxi or something that can take Umbreon’s spot, but Umbreon is the boss, can 1vs1 beat anything but fairies… whenever you don’t know what to switch in… the answer is always Umbreon.

How you havent Whiscash yet, with all those Barboach everywhere? : O

The first to replace for me is Probopass. You will have harder time with Charmer and Altaria, but 3 mons cant cover everything.

Everywhere? I haven’t seen a single one ever.

If you live near water Barboach is a typical spawn… if you don’t see them you probably see more steel types or whatever spawns in your bioom.

Well i havent near any water, and in Sunny they are most common spawns now, thx to this Hoenn week.

A common spawn (well, “common”) is Skarmory, so perhaps you are right with the steel stuff. Now this week the most spawned pokemon are Skitty, Wishmur and probably Aron. Havent seen a single barboach… ever! (And i walk more than 10km every day…).

Indeeed, Whismur , Zigzagoon and Skitty in Partly cloudy are everyhwere. Spawn in this week are heavy weather depended, cause in cloudy i see tons of Makuhitas, in Sunny Barboach and cAcneas in Rainy again Barboachs , Plusle and Minuns + Surskit. Havent Windy or Fog during this week.

I haven’t seen ANY barboach, cacnea or surskit. In the whole week. More than 1000 pokemon caught this week.

Im curious, what you have seen then. I know, biomes exist, but it looks like totally differnt spawns.

In the last week most spawns (other than Skitty and that rubbish) were Trapinch, Aron, and few Nosepass (that’s why i’ve got that Probopass, which is proving to be a key pokemon to me).

I’ve just finished building my Altaria, gonna try this team:


Let’s see how it does. Any advice about?

It’s working, but I need to improve my skills.

Close win, but dunno which attack Hypno used, if had Ice Punch, shielding Sky Attack was his mandatory. Also 2nd attack on Altaria is really chep. Its rarely used, but sometimes can make difference.