Help with new Las Vegas summer Event

you who understand japanese.

I have seen that in this event there is a Saber Welfare (or at least i think that this Foreigner turned saber is a welfare).

Problem is: how to get her max ascension and NP5?

Is there somewhere an English event guide?

Else, could you tell me what should i do, since i do not understand Japanese?

Thank you!

I don’t play JP nor do I understand Japanese but check the event shop. The Ascension items and/or extra copies are usually sold there, though sometimes they could be locked until you finish a certain part of the event.

Edit: NVM, I asked a friend who was playing. According to him you get the Ascension mats by…

  1. Obtaining 3m QP from the event
  2. Completing 10 missions with Hokusai (saber) in the party
  3. Obtaining 200 poker chips
  4. Complete 10 Event Missions

Tank you!

Now i just have to see what to do to increase her NP level

P.S. i’m not a fan of playing while not understanding a word of what i read. But JP can offer me something my NA account can’t anymore: a chance of clearing the singularityes with Jeanne Berserker (and now Hokusai saber)

Considering it is a mission based event I believe we will unlock those missions after the main story is dealt with.
Kara, Prism, and CCC all did that… was certain Fate/Zero did that as well but that proved wrong so it could be challenging quests instead.

Right now I’m at 26 (used some silver apples) and only have 4 more active.
None of which have anything to do with her except the ascension materials.

I also want to understand the story but the advantage of testing things makes up for it.

I agree, playing this Event a bit strongly reminded me of CCC event.

This means, because we do not know Japanese and can only rely on CCC experience, that probably we need to play as if our aim is to clear the shop.

Why? Because doing so well’fight many different kind of enemyes, servant with different allignment, we’ll gater event items,…

all things that in CCC were required for missions.

There doesn’t appear to be that many event items. Those paper slips are but considering the lack of a special event currency I get the impression progress is restricted with time locks instead.

I’m farming pretty randomly. If the stage has many mission targets then I fight it again until some disappear.
Not much in the store this time so I will probably get a bit more than I expected.

I’m doing that too, i think i’ll set some objectives like:

once i get 500 coins, i go gathering 500 cards. Once gathered 500 cards, i go gather 500 dices and so on.

Probably i’ll go with 500 units per time. So whenever i get 500 of all currencies, the new aim would be 500 + 500 = 1000. And so on.

If the progress is time restricted maybe we will get a Part 2 like in CCC with harder content to unlock the NP levels.

If there is one thing i think i’ve got from the events, is that developers reason like this:

Getting Welfare max ascension --> easy even for first players

Getting said Welfare NP5 --> from Hard to nearly impossible for New players

For me getting Jeanne Berserker was easy. Her NP5 thanks only to solo friend servants? Harder.

Now, if one like me has to face a battle like Kiara in CCC? Not even a solo friendlist would save me i guess

That method might be troublesome as certain stages don’t have the correct enemies so the enemy information on the node will point out if you will advance your missions.

It feels that they think that way, which is rather nice considering a they usually buff the servants so they will be very useful until you face the challenges.

Eh, that’s a problem.

If like in CCC some missions are like " kill 200 Type 2 enemyes" or similar, we are in trouble.
Intuition will lead you until a certain point. After that, we’ll need a guide.

Having all the requiments of the missions translated would greatly help.

Yup. I can decipher Kanji so that is why I check the stages instead before I play them.
…can’t seem to import my screenshot to the computer.
Anyway if you press the info button on a stage you get a picture displaying what loot there is, the other tab will reveal what enemies you will face.
They have a handy “Event target” note if they are part of a mission. The Master Mission enemies also get one.

I got it!

For example in this node save for Nightingale all other enemyes are useful for missions, maybe

Yup. That is correct.
It should make things a bit easier.
The ? enemy could be the bonus one, can’t wait until I get some of those mission CEs to boost their appearance rate.
In the Case files event bonus enemies beyond being a mission target also dropped 500k…considering the rest of the enemies it might be eve higher this time.

When you have the right info, could you tell me which CE do i have to equip to have these bonus enemyes to appear?

Also where to find these CEs.

Obviously, i’ll share the info too if i get it before you can.

Next, we have to find the nodes with better chance to spawn said bonus monsters.

Like CCC Even and the Type X enemyes.

I’m looking at Bonus for most of it.
Still the ingame event ce filter supports that it will buff enemy appearances so I’ll simply trust the 15% they mentioned.

I’ll see what mission rewards it in a moment. I’ve got one on my list.
Edit: Mission 5. Not sure if it is neutral servants or the poker tokens that will unlock that mission.
Also if it is the same as Case files then the bonus enemy can spawn on most stages.

Mmm… at the moment i’m doing the casino missions, but i should stop then.

That VIP node only gives Dices and cards. If i need coins, i should change place to farm

On a side note, at the moment there are no many players on my friendlist with bonuses for drops.

But my luck is that the one i have, have strong servants.

For example, VIP Casino node (all sabers) is easy to do if you have a friend Archer Jeanne like i do.

… though that run would have settled things but I need 4 more coins.

I’ve got some with bonuses but like now I picked someone outside it for the MLB CE.
Most stages are pretty easy. Hokusai has a nice buff and my Jalterzerk puts out some nifty damage.
Though I trust Chloe to kill sabers, she is excellent for the third waves boss.

The hardest one this far was the Lancer squad casino ticket mission.

And done. Faster than expected.
400 coins didn’t do anything. Good thing I only need to kill 1 more neutral servant.

Edit: Just realized I’ve fought some bonus foes already. They are the X-shapes made out of coins.
Usually archer enemies that we started encountering in London.

Chloe…i discovered her in NA with my main account a few months ago in Onigashima.

She was a beast (friendlist) against Raikou. Her NP dealt even 1 million 200.000 damage

Anyway, Casino VIP node can clear many missions i’m discovering

I’ve cleared all my missions and nothing new appeared so it must be timegated.
I’ve seen some in my friends list so it must have been a CE drop from battles.

Chloe is a real best that can handle farming, soloing or boss battles.
That was pretty good considering her lack of traits.
There should be a rerun in early 2021 so you will have another shot at getting her.

And i will get her, i lack ST archers. I’ve got only Bonny NP1 this summer.

Timegated? Better.

The more straight foward the event is, the easyer it will be to clear it.
Since we already have the language barrier to make things hard, no need to add other things

A tip: Don’t spend your fever tickets just yet. Save them for the VIP Fever Quests which will come out after certain conditions are met. Read the guide for more info.