Help with new year GSSR

Another year, another GSSR banner. I just can’t decide so i wanna read some opinion of You guys.

And before You complain of why i not level up Musashi yet, or any of my other gold servart, is because i have no QP, exp card and time to farm. I’m waiting for chrismas please don’t bully me :fgo_dshy:

Life is pain, i’m sleep deprived as shit:fgo_casgilworry:

Next GSSR is one big random pool of all the limited servants, there’s nothing to choose from lol


Expect more of these threads as December rolls in. But yeah, the only choice this GSSR is whether or not to roll. Really simple.

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As the others said, next GSSR is non-class based, this means that you’ll get one random (or more than one) 5☆ servant from the limited pool.

So the only advice I can give you is: roll if you are interested in getting any of the limited servants or if you wouldn’t mind getting another copy of a servant you already have. Because there’s of course the chance you’ll get another Musashi, Okita, Gil, Eresh, Skadi, Jalter, Okitan, Kiara, Hokusai and Abby

Good luck :fgo_meltbirb:

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