Help with NP Looping (NA)

Sup, people. I decided to level up the skills of our favourite and most loved MC in Fate franchise. I saw the things he can do in the Jp version, and tbh, i was very surprised.
After an hour of killing hands and gates, I must say that i’m struggling on NP Looping . Some of the videos that I found included mlb kaleido on Sieg. Others were very recent, with Bride np gauge battery and Tamamo NP strength up. Also, the np loopings relied too much on Arts facecards before the NP to ensure the 100% gauge.

So im wondering what would be the best ces for np Looping rn, on NA? I dont have waver or MLB kaleido. If theres not a consistent way to do it now, then I guess Ill wait for Paracelsus, Nero Bride and Tama upgrades.

PD: If you are wondering why Sieg’s second skill its only on lvl 5, its because i ran out of fangs. Rip.


Good thing the hunting quests includes fangs! Go crazy and get his skill up to snuff.

I haven’t played around with sieg’s looping outside of Apocrypha yet, and the absurd damage boosts gave overkill too easily to be accurate… But…

Do you have Tamamono or bride’s bond ce yet? Both give the team a 15% arts buff, which will both improve sieg’s np gain and potential overkill (further increasing overkill). Paracelsus also has a team arts 10% and np strength 10% on his bond ce.


Well you can’t loop in NA with what you have but in the future you can do:

  1. Sieg (NMLB kscoup), Paracelsus(any ce), Bride (with Bond ce if you want to play safe but usually works with that), and Tamamo(any ce or you can use her Bond ce to be safe but usually works well without that)

  2. Sieg (Miyu ce), doble Bride (one with Bond ce) and Tamamo

  3. (i saw this one in a video) Sieg (event damage ce), doble Bride (both with Bond ce)


You should be able to loop fairly easily with what you have.
Use a Waver support.
First turn: Use Bride’s skills on Sieg, switch her out for Tamamo. Use Tamamo’s Arts buff on him, his first skill, and then top him up to 100% with Waver.
Second turn: If you are doing door farming, it should easily get you 100% NP gauge back. If not, use either his third skill or Waver’s first skill to top him off.
Third turn: Same as above, apply his second skill and the MC’s attack boost if necessary.

Having Tamamo’s or Bride’s Bond CE also helps, but shouldn’t be strictly necessary.

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Wait… So I could technically us this to loop with Nitocris too by replacing Sieg with her, right?

Nitocris is a weird case because her refund potential is modest and occasionally undermined when her instant death procs when you don’t actually want it to. She also lacks any kind of in-kit buff to Arts, her NP gain, or to her ATK.

You can 3T loop with Nitocris by completely ignoring refund since her battery is 100%+: MLB scope w1, 2x Waver w2, battery w3.

…that being said, we’re still dealing with a relatively low damage ceiling if you aren’t counting on instant death. Even at NP5 she’s going to struggle to do much better than farming doors or mid-HP Assassin enemies unless you buff the crap out of her and give her a Black Grail.


Ahh, I see thanks. That explains a lot.

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I deleted my previous answer vecause i didn’t have the right images for it.

Here’s my setup:

This guarantees a 3 turn clear on Assassin or above (No Berserkers).

Turn 1 you Pump Sieg’s 1st skill and both Tamamo’s 3rd skills. Use the Mystic Code’s NP gain buff and that’s 100% on the next turn

On turn 2 you just do it as normal and his NP should give upwards of 70%, which he can use his batgery to get to 100% next turn.

On turn 3 you Pump Sieg’s Magecraft and 2004’s NP damage buff and go to town with the Oprichniki. Keep in mind you need some RNG to kill the last one as even with all those buffs, Sieg can’t one shot him.
I got lucky and had a Sieg Arts card on the last turn, but normally he needs 4 turns to beat this soecific node.

This whole thing gets Cheaper once Paracelsus’ third skill gets upgraded, but you really need Tamamo’s upgrade for more overkill and guaranteed KOs.

Note: you can run Waver too as to not need MLB Kaleidoscope but i don’t like swapping on farming, because it’s laggy on NA

Something seems wrong with this but I just don’t know what…

I haven’t used Sieg myself just yet for a multitude of reasons but this was posted on another thread some time ago.


Sieg has to wait until after Skadi and then Paracelsus’ remaining skill levels due to a diminishing supply of Caster gems, but he’s a solid 4* option I look forward to building.

Very happy with Nastya, but the difference in party cost can make him a good alternative for some event setups.

This is important

Sieg + Tamamo + Waver + Paracelsus should be enough to wreck NeroFest, then

As long as the damage works out

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I remember looking up the twitter account of the one who made these charts. I can’t remember all the specific requirements save for 10/10/10 skills (which is a given). I don’t recall there being any specific need to level CEs for the extra ATK, but the charts featuring non-welfares mentioned needing to be NP2 at least.

Yeah NP2 isn’t always necessary for NP gain but it is for damage

Like my NP1 Marie could refund on the Gudaguda 4 caster node but she didn’t have the damage to clear W2 or W3 in a single turn without crits or a brave chain

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Just wait until Paracelsus gets his skill upgrade, you’ll want to max his third skill for that juicy 50% np gain. THAT should let you loop without problems with just Tamamo and Bride.

So there are ways to NP loop with arts without having Bride? That’s good to know. I almost gave up on that since without her i always lacked enough refund, plus i don’t even have the Sapphire CE.

Until Bride gets her targetable battery, Paracelsus is actually going to be better for looping. Slightly less damage, but more NP gain due to Arts boost + NP gain boost.