Help with optimizing roster for Sixth Singularity and onward

I’m nearing the end of the sixth singularity and after the fight with the Ozy and his Demon Pillar I think it’s long overdue that I rework my roster or at least try to fix some of the weaknesses in my lineup and I was hoping I could get some input. For now I’d like to try and stay F2P and avoid splurging on any banner if I can help it.

Currently my main units are Enkidu (lvl 70), Caster Helena (lvl 70), Tamamo Cat (lvl 70), Lancelot (lvl 60), Carmilla (lvl 60), Mash (lvl 70) and I’m working on Ushiwaka, Euryale, Arash and Skadi. I need help or tips on what other units I should be building or looking out for to prepare for the next singularities. Also just tips in general on how to improve my roster and identify the (I’m sure) numerous weaknesses in it. Some recommendations for good archers would also be greatly appreciated.

Robin is a good Arts ST Archer who can nuke bosses as long as you can get his poison niche going. Other than that, you seem to be going for Euryale which seems to be sufficient against certain male saber bosses given proper support.

Level your servants to their max levels so they deal higher damage. Make use of the 1/2 AP while they’re here.

Also, maybe not at all necessary, but victory may lie in your choice of Mystic Code. Suppose it takes support Merlin two more turns to charge his invincibility skill, Atlas Institute MC fixes that.

If you’re in a hurry, then I guess borrowing a support bond 10 Herc or a Cu Alter is the fastest way for a clear, but since the new event just requires Fuyuki, then I advise you take your time, raise your units and enjoy the story.

Good luck in Camelot and Babylonia!

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Cú Chulainn
Bedivere or Caesar
Hundred Personas

Those are your really premier 1-3* supports/farmers. Raise them all. I’d give priority to David (he’s a good support!), Cú (he’s a good anchor!), Georgios (another good support), Spartacus (one of the best farmers), and then Bedi or Caesar of you feel like you need a Saber. Extra Bedi copies can be hard to obtain since he’s locked to story but he’s worth it imo.

Beyond that, just really focus on raising your servants to their maximum levels.

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Ok, thanks for the tip on Mystic Codes. Tbh I’ve really only been using the default one and haven’t really been getting accustomed to using the others. I’ll be sure to look deeper into which one suits my team for now.

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If I had to choose between Robin or David who should I prioritize? I hear Robin really only works best in dedicated teams for him, David sounds like a more general purpose offense/support unit.

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Well, then you already passed the hardest part, there is still the last boss but you could just burrow sigurd and will be done in no time. Lvl your servants, babylonia is easier (except for a fight) but a good AoE, a Strong Assassin and some tanks will be of help, for salomon Ushi is a good F2P option (Double skadi salomon?? It could work)

Robin if you need a DPS

David if you feel like you need more defensive support

David is 100% the more generally useful unit. Supports always get priority imo. Level his Harp of Healing skill all the way to 10.

I mean, so does every DPS :crazy_face: Robin’s only damage amp is his poison (which doubles his NP damage, so it’s still good—you’ll outdamage David easy) but you need to supply additional buffs to reach his full potential. Arts supports are the best.

Alright, thanks for the heads up with the final boss. I dunno who it is but I have a pretty good guess lol.

Guess I’ll start working on David. I don’t think I have enough Arts supports to make Robin work atm. Thanks for the list tho.

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