Help with P!Tibarn's forma

Hii! I’m looking forward to forma him but I don’t know what skills should i try to fish for him. I will snag his PRF, a double rally and aether (the only 500 sp skills he can use, Blue flame won’t be of use with his PRF) for sure, but the A/B/C… i have no idea. His best stats are attack and def, and I thought of something like this:

But then I think that he can’t access NFU in any way (as a beast i believe he can’t get the flow skills) and his speed is good enough to make use of a similar build with spd instead of defense, so he can naturally double slowish units with NFU. What do you think? Could be worth it to try and speed meme Tibarn or should I stick to his best stats even if i may have trouble with NFU? What C skill do you think it will help him best, ATK smoke 4 or DEF/RES smoke 3?

I think it’s relevant, so: My Tibarn is +4 with no DF at the moment (I usually give all the DF to units when I end up merging them), he will be +5 with the forma, but he’ll only have 32 base speed. it can go up to a lot with things like clash, trace and spd smoke, like effective +24 speed, but is it enough? :_ I’m not sure. Also, if the spd meme is a yes, what do you think of Oath 4 with his PRF? he gets extra movement so the warp isnt necesary and being one space away of any unit will give him +9 to atk/spd too, but the warping may mess with his solo condition to double :(

What are your thoughts on this? Thanks in advance <3

PS: I hate solo conditions in weapons.


I’d stick with what he’s best at: yeeting himself at the enemy.

Clash is best since it guarantees he’ll get at least +7 Atk/Def if he moves to initiate, up to +9, and can nullify penalties to those stats.

Trace so he can reposition himself afterwards and for extra utility when he’s not attacking. Flow would be nice (if he could get it which he can’t) to give some extra protection to his GFU effect but alas…

And smoke 4 for the defensive swing and DFU sounds great. Oath as you pointed out messes with his GFU effect so that’s only an option if you Spd load him and high 50s to low 60s is good, but it’s not great. Personally I’d rather him be able to take a hit. And smoke 4 technically grants him the same protection more Spd would (no double via Spd or no double via DFU effect.)

It’s a shame beasts only have 3 slots to play with (since GF or Aether are your only choices for specials).


Thanks a lot! You’re right about his speed, it looks like i will be sticking to his yeeting potential <3

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