Help with team build

Ok originally I posted this to the wrong game board somehow so I’m just copy/pasting here to hopefully the right one😅

So I’ve had fire emblem for a few years but still a amateur/journeyman with my knowledge I’d say. I prefer using hero’s I like rather than the meta and I am trying to get my aether keep up to the level I can use 6 hero’s (I’m currently level 15). Obviously I’ll be getting Larcei to lvl 40 ASAP (can’t belive I got 5 Shannon’s and 1 Larcei in the banner :man_facepalming:t2:)

I’m thinking of giving Celica harsh command and the weapon refine that heals her (pic included) but I’m completely open and happy to get any suggestions for my team


Celica is fine (harsh command doesn’t sound bad for her) but attack tactic doesn’t work if you have more than 2 unit with the same movement. Why has Chrom got daylight? Give him noontime and attack smoke for budget . Tsubasa (give her spd/Def link 3 ahah) she needs Def smoke and heavy blade in the s slot if you have it (she is a good galeforce unit but moonbow is fine). Laevatein needs atk and Res buff so atk/Res oath could be really good, but for budget give her even attack wave in the s slot. Lyn could use close guard in the s slot, so every allies in two spaces from her will receive +4 Def/Res. Larcei has a good base kit, you could give her reposition and a s slot like flashing blade or spd smoke

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Great thanks for the advise, with chrom (and some of the others) I thought I’d wait for more guidance before giving them more skills incase they were wrong

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Celica’s c and s slot are quite stupid you’re right! I was thinking either breath of life or times pulse for c slot and quicksend pulse for s. or maybe distant counter for a and death blow for s. Also for tsubasa would flashing blade not work better than heavy blade because she is +speed and it’s her better stat? Was considering if I didn’t give Celica distant counter to give leviatein close counter and iotes shield with the other skills you mentioned.

What do you want to do with these units? :feh_eirikathink:
Are they for general content usage, or are you using them for a more specific mode like AR?

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General usage and aether raids. I find the arena I get by just fine but at 40+ events or tier 16 of aether raids I’m struggling sometimes as I’m facing units with stats in the 70’s.

I’ve got units like demitri, fallen ike and people that seem to be ‘meta’ but I prefer trying to use my favs

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I’ve been using celica & Tsubasa as sweepers with galeforce but I think Larcei could be brilliant at that role as well. Larcei’s edge, heavy blade 3/4, maybe times pulse and whatever c + s.