Help with team building and which servants to focus on

I’m a noob when it comes to team building and the game itself, any suggestions on any farming and high level content teams I can build with the servants i have and which servants i should focus on strengthening and leveling up.

For farming you’ll want to focus on AoE servants. Raikou is your main farmer, level her up. She can also be use in some high level content but it’s not generally advise since she is a Berserker.

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holy crap 11 5* star that’s some ex luck. I didn’t think it was possible for a beginner to be this lucky.

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Either really lucky or he inherit the account from someone else


Haha, well ive had the game since launch and have been logging in just to do pulls with login quartz and the monthly tickets, i only really just got in the game now since i managed to pull jalter :)


That’s a long down time wow, nice to have you back.

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how far are you in the story?

I got to the beginning of camelot, have been putting off since i heard how difficult that part is

oh I see than you pretty far in the story. I recommend doing the da vinci event if your’re not doing it already.


Thanks for the tip :) been farming it since yesterday

alright good luck than. if you’re struggling with any event feel free to ask away.


Since so much of the game is farming, Arash, Nitocris, Helena, and Rin will all be large quality of life improvements for you. You really need to level at least their NP battery skills though. Raikou as well but she needs help charging her NP.

If you are building teams for difficult content then the supports matter significantly more than your DPS. With supports you really want 10/10/10 are at least 9/9/9 skills. You have Bride, Helena, and CasGil. Bride is best in arts teams but her support skills are all type neutral so she can fit in anywhere. Helena is type neutral but she only really does farming. CasGil only works in arts teams and is best in arts crit teams.

At lower rarities, you have Mash, Hans, Shakespeare, and Mozart. The nice thing about these guys is how easy it is to level their skills. Mash is great for most difficult content. I’ve never actually used any of the other ones though.

The last kind of support is taunters. You have D’Eon, Georgios, and presumably Leonidas (if not you should pull him pretty quickly). You don’t really need to worry about their skills since their purpose is usually to tank a few hits then die. Mash also has a taunt but you want to level it up for the NP gain.

If you don’t really want to worry about skills Cu and Raikou will probably give you the most bang for you buck. If you want to maximize your team synergies, CasGil and Vlad are a really potent combination.

Also, waifus/husbandos(/clay) are important. That’s kind of the point of the game. If you are playing because you rolled Jalter then level her. Helena’s stargen actually gives her some marginal use in Jalter teams outside of farming but really Hans, Shakespeare, and Mozart are probably better supports for her. Liz too I guess but I’ve always been disappointed with her.

One other thing, Euryale can easily cheese the Gawain fight in Camelot which significantly lowers the difficulty of that chapter. If you wanted you could even do gorgon sister charmlock memes on him but you really just need Euryale and a support Tamamo.

Since your roster needs a lot of work you are going to be doing a lot of farming. Giving your farmers some love at the start will make leveling the rest of you servants much more tolerable.

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Thanks for all the tips, i really appreciate it :):grinning:

Dude Raikou level her up as fast as you can focus everything on her.
She’s the main farmer and Cu can be a boss killer.