Help with team building?

So I tried to put together those teams usong the tier list and the rule of 2dps 1 supp 1 healer

Now I want to ask, with all my heroes are they ok? Am I missing sunergies or something? Like I read that Ramona and Rena synergize. Is someone worth changing? Ty :)

If you are just considering mono element teams, I would suggest:
Fire - Ramona (L), Rena, Emma and Lowen
Water - Laranoa (L), Orsem, G. Elly and Jiang Ziya
Wind, Light and Dark - should be fine as is for now

But obviously when you have to take affliction resistances into account, you may want to switch out units, or at the very least put in the healer that cleanses that affliction

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That looks pretty optimal for what you’ve got. Consider Rena (use strength doublebuff) instead of Chelsea depending on the fight. Also raise Student Maribelle. She’s not the best in every situation, but she’s very good (and like exactly the same as her original version).
Think about raising your healers that remove the other status effect. Aeleen and Xania. The Dragonyule event is fire and stun, so Aeleen is going to be better than Jiang. (she also has two heal skills)
Addis is a bit better than Musashi, just make sure you’re alternating poison and bleed.
Lathna is going to miss out on some damage for not having an adventurer that can poison, so look out for someone who can do that. You can also consider Durant instead of Alex depending on the fight and for the blade coability.
Also don’t bother with Kleimann’s force strike, use the wand print instead of the Mega Man one.

If you haven’t already, try and get a Wily Warriors: Wood and Bubble print or two. You can also replace Stroke of Genius on Kleimann with Wily Warriors: Air and Crash for the same thing with on-element resistance.
Go ahead and finish unbinding the weapon-specific prints. Give your healers buff duration prints (From Whence He Comes/Beach Battle) instead of Roll On.

Try and manually control Blades and ranged units. Swords and Axes are usually fine, Daggers are slower than manual, Lance can be a bit dumb but is usually fine, Blade AI is bad and ranged units don’t know how to dodge.