Help with team making pls

You can do a Hybrid team with
Fighters : Goten LF, Gohan yellow, (Future Gohan green/Gohan LF red)
Bench : Trunks purple, Gotenks ssj3

You can do a Fusion team with
Fighters : Vegito LF, Gogeta blue, Gogeta green, (Vegito red)
Bench : Raditz EX, Goku ssj3 purple

You can do LoE team with
Fighters : Golden Frieza green, Full Power Frieza yellow, Cooler blue, (Cooler red)
Bench : Chilled SP, Ginyu EX purple

You can do a GodKi team with
Fighters : Goku SSGSS blue, Vegeta SSGSS purple, Whis EX, (Vegeta SSG)
Bench : Goku SSG, Goku ssj3 purple, (Beerus EX)

Android team with
Fighters : Perfect Cell yellow, Super #17 green, Super #13 red (#21 blue)
Bench : #17 EX green, #18 EX purple

Regen team with
Fighters : Buuhan green, Perfect Cell yellow, Kid buu red, (Slugh/#21 blue)
Bench : Super buu purple, Slugh EX yellow

YYB ssj team with
Fighters : Hit, Broly EX yellow, Bardock ssj blue
Bench : Goku ssj2 yellow, Goku ssj1 (hearth attack) yellow, Tien EX yellow

AND : Trinity ssj team with
Fighters : Bardock ssj blue, Vegito LF, Gogeta green
Bench : Goku ssj3 purple, Raditz EX, Vegeta GT ssj yellow