Help with Ultra League Team

Hello everyone,

I originally played back when the game launched but only for a few weeks. I started back up a month ago and have been catching pokemon like crazy. Anyway, I was looking for help with my current team as pvp is new to me. I have read several guides and discussion boards but wanted some input on my setup.
Also would like to note that I do not have any community day moves for the popular pokemon or legendaries that are popular Giratina, Regi, Melmetal and so on…
My Team:
Charizard: Fire Spin, Dragon Claw, Overheat
Sceptile: Bullet Seed, Leaf Blade, Earthquake
Clefable: Charm, Meter Mash, Psychic

I have access to a Gyarados, Steelix, Snorlax, A-Muk, Scizor etc etc…all would need some work but doable.
I can get a few others with time and effort I’m sure.

Any help and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hm, It is a decent team, even though Charizard has OH instead of BB. I don’t know if changing anything will help a lot.
For sure, Snorlax (two moves and bodyslam mandatory. As 2nd move it is up to your priority; Superpower, Earthquake, outrage are all fine), A-Muk and Scizor (2nd moves with these two are not mandatory, but help in some situations) help a lot in many situations, but don’t expect a whatsoever-hyperboost. Forget about Steelix (SLOW) and Gyarados (you will need some BULK in your team) though. Oh, and getting Moonblast instead of Psychic might help a bit as well. With STAB and the Debuff it is a better move on Cleffy.

You will have problems vs some psychics (Cresselia, Armored Mewtwo), but they might be not so visible at the lower ranks. Venusaur might beat you hard, Swampert and Giratina are also difficult. Problem is - you exchange your Sceptile, you will have more problems with Swampert (and other waters, such as Empoleon). At the same time you want to have something against Charizard - Charizard itself might work (or that rare Snorlax with Return…). So here, Clefable might be the most disposable one, but I think it is worth including as well. What about IVs? Has someone of those very good IVs? 100% (or very close) in the case of Clef and Sceptile or close to something like 0/15/15 in the case of Charizard, Snorlax, A-Muk, Scizor?

So have you tried your actual team already? How does it work? Any big lackluster? If not, you might not want to change anything.

You could try something bulkier, I have battled Clefables before, and they aren’t as bulky as I originally thought. Maybe try Milotic, Togekiss, or Snorlax (if you have the first two)

Wow, thank for such a thorough reply. As for the IV’s
Sceptile: 14/14/13
Charizard: 11/10/15 (im working on a charmander to replace)
Clefable: 13/14/14 (have a clefairy at 14/15/14)
Best Snorlax is at 14/12/13
I have a perfect Scizor but have a Scyther at 0/14/14
Most viable A-Muk is at 10/10/11 (hoping to get a better one during Go Fest later this month)
I do have access to Milotic but not a Togekiss
Also I am working on an Obstagoon: 11/10/15

A lot of folks will tell you a charizard without BB is fine but I honestly see next to no reason to run it without community day moves being that you have plenty of other stuff available. Running overheat means you have to constantly shield bait and try to predict when your opponent will throw up a shield. Not to mention it costs one more fire spins worth of energy to use.

If I was you I’d definitely invest in Snorlax and stick with clefable. Those two would make for a really bulky anti meta core and from there you could slip in something like gyarados or sceptile as some Anti-swampert-frail-bois. You would def want EQ on Snorlax in that case as the team would be a tad soft to regi, but in the early ranks you won’t see it much? That seems to be the consensus generally. It makes sense because it’s such a heavy investment.

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This is so true. I would not run Charizard without Blast Burn. Yes Overheat is even slightly better in damage per energy, but your Charizard is basically worthless after using that move. Imagine getting that shielded up; you’ll pretty much just HAVE to switch out then.

Sceptile works fine without it’s community move, but it’s niches are quite limited. Ngl it’s fun to use but if you get it aligned with something like Giratina, Charizard, or Togekiss, it’s just a dead-end.

Furthermore I wonder how good your Clefable is. If you’re not at lvl 38 you are not able to max it out and thus missing out on some power. CAN be decisive in some matches, though a Clefable at 2350-2400 CP shouldn’t be much worse than a 2430 CP one.

Gyarados, Snorlax and Scizor are all very solid pokemon in the (anti-)meta, but I’m not sure how often you encounter the meta (Giratina, Cresselia, Swampert, Registeel)

Is the clefable already maxed? Otherwise I would think twice, even though it is still a good one. The Snorlax values are quite good, it ends at 2494 or so, mine is only 2464 and works good. Anyway these values are not so important but still sth to consider if you have moreoptions. The alolan Muk is fine. It ends just at 2500 but it is expensive to get there - if not already. Important is to train. At the end is also what suits you best. Try out different combinations and see what meets you best. What @canipetthatdog says should be considered as well. Also with overheat, Charizard is a good one, but it requires way more timing and training cause it debuffs you. With good play it is deadly though. If the first one is shielded (as @MartijnLW said) , you can have nearly a full second one at hand if you are fully charged to 100 energy, you need only one fire spin more to charge the second one and fire it off. With the right energy stacking, switching out and in it works. Or you play hit and run, often nobody expects an overheat as first move because of the debuff…
Snorlax works also with superpower vs Registeel, but again it debuffs you. Plus is that most people guess it is a body slam and don’t shield, personally I like it more than EQ.

Don’t you lose against Giratina-A if it’s using Dragonbreath though, with that moveset?

Definitely Snorlax loses to GiratinA with superpower. But it’s super for either baiting or charging up for the next, many opponents switch out at some point.or you switch out late and charged. It is no closer then, this is for sure. But even with earthquake, Snorlax has a hard time vs DB GiratinA. I thought about trying an outrage superpower one for surprise reasons. Dunno if that works on the long haul thoug

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. As for the meta I am currently sitting around 1700 at rank 7 and I am seeing plenty of Giratina-A and Swamperts…not so much on Registeel yet. I have a second move on the Gyardos already. May have to use rare candies for the Snorlax.

I completely understand what y’all are talking about with Charizard. I have been using Overheat to finish out a match or not at all for the most part. Will need to replace him and get a Charmeleon ready and hope I can get blast burn this December.

I also may have a Hariyama and Escavalier soon…

I had heard talk of Snorlax potentially being a go fest spawn. Also UL only runs a few more days.

Just making sure you were aware before you threw rare candies at it.

Hariyama is not that great. Escavalier is good, but more at later stages vs the steels/psychos. Now vs swampy and GiratinA he’s not doing well

good point, should prob run with what i have or can easily get for now

I’m currently running

Fury cutter/night slash/iron head - Scizor

Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant/Sludge Bomb - Venasaur

Smackdown/Heavy Slam/Stone Edge - Aggron

Aggron dismantles fairy types or flying types can even take down giratina venasaur helps against potential swamperts or other water types that would hit Aggron hard scizor is a great lead fast energy gains can take out giratina and fairies I do have to watch fire and fighting types tho other than that pretty solid

I’m using a shiny Charizard with Blast Burn/Dragon Claw and it’s pretty neat that you just can Blast the BB. Beating other Charizard becouse of that. A bit trickier if oppenent also has BB. Once destroyed Scizor, Venusaus and Aggron team allmost complitely with BB.

I’d keep Clefable and build the team around it. It can handle fighters and Giras, so you need a Cresselia counter and something that can beat Spampert and Escavalier, which are quite common these days.